Engineers receive a primer on using small antennas in a range of small systems, from mobile phones to radio watches, and will learn about different types of small antennas and their applications. Charts, scanning data and an extensive bibliography concluding each chapter packs in technical details... should be in any serious engineering reference holding.

—Midwest Book Review

Antennas for Small Mobile Terminals

Kyohei Fujimoto and Koichi Ito

Antennas for Small Mobile Terminals

With the progress and rapid increase in mobile terminals, the design of antennas for these small systems is becoming more and more important. This forward-looking volume offers professionals current and comprehensive coverage of the design, development and implementation of small, compact and lightweight antennas in mobile communication terminals. The book discusses a wide range of communication systems, from RF identification (RFID) and near field communications (NFC), to wireless power transmission (WPT) and broadband wireless networks. Engineers learn how to use small antennas in mobile phones, wearable systems, laptop computers, radio watches and broadband wireless networks such as WLAN and WiMAX.

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360 pages


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