MWJ11310 * New Products and Technologies Catalog

  This "What's New at AVX for 2001" catalog offers valuable information on this year's new products and technologies. The catalog highlights information on the company's products, including capacitors, capacitor arrays, filters, thin film devices, ferrites, timing devices, connectors and circuit protection devices.

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 946-0414.

Circle No. 310


MWJ11CARBORUNDUM * Aluminum Nitride Catalog

This catalog features Hi-Therm™ aluminum nitride, a high priority ceramic with superior microstructural and chemical uniformity that results in very consistent properties. Hi-Therm is best suited for heat sink, power transistor module, high frequency device and laser diode submount applications. Key specifications and a thermal conductivity graph are provided.

Carborundum Corp.,
Sanborn, NY (716) 731-9200.

Circle No. 312


MWJ11CELERITEK * GaAs Semiconductor Component Catalog

This 10-page catalog features the company's line of GaAs semiconductor products for broadband wireless and fiber-optic communications. TrueTriangle™ power amplifier modules and WideFiber™ driver amplifiers are detailed. Product outline drawings, photographs, specifications, features and applications are provided.

Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-5060.

Circle No. 313


MWJ11CELERITY * Digital RF Signal Generator Brochure

This six-page brochure features the company's model CS2010VSG digital RF signal generator. The generator offers a high performance, 30 MHz bandwidth output, direct-to-IF digital architecture, 700 MHz to 2.3 GHz RF output in selectable bandwidths, and an open, modular platform. The brochure provides product photographs, descriptions, screenshots, specifications and diagrams.

Celerity, Cupertino, CA (888) 274-5604.

Circle No. 314


MWJ11318 * Fast Turn Circuit Boards Product Folder

This folder contains data sheets describing the company's fast turn RF, fast turn micro via, fast turn design and fast turn flex technologies. Each sheet provides product photographs, applications, descriptions, features and specifications. An overview of the company and its capabilities is also provided in the folder.

Cirexx Corp.,
Santa Clara, CA (800) 444-6817.

Circle No. 315


MWJ11CMC * Product Folder

This product folder features data sheets on the company's automation capabilities, analytical services, Ground Zero design guidelines, aluminum nitride, package arrays, flanged transistor packages and flangeless packages. The sheets provide photographs, descriptions, features, performance graphs, capabilities and specifications. The folder also contains a company overview and description.

CMC Wireless Components,
Phoenix, AZ (480) 496-5000.

Circle No. 316


MWJ11DIELECTRIC * Ultra Broadband DC Blocking Capacitor Brochure

This six-page brochure features the Opti-Cap™ and Milli-Cap® broadband solutions. Opti-Cap offers a 0502 footprint, high Q, very low series inductance and combines it with high value capacitance. The Milli-Cap acts as an "ideal capacitor," providing broad bandwidth resonance free performance, with very low loss and ultra high series resonance.

Dielectric Laboratories Inc.,
Cazenovia, NY (315) 655-8710.

Circle No. 317


MWJ11CREXX * Microwave Coaxial Connectors Catalog

This catalog details the company's Dynamate™ blind-mate connectors, which are compatible with OSP and BMA, as well as the Dynacon™ interconnects and Dynaseal™ cable assemblies for MIC component packaging. It provides specification data for electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters, along with material and finish information for the connector body, spring, center contact, insulator and O ring.

Dynawave Inc.,
Haverhill, MA (978) 469-0555.

Circle No. 318


MWJ11ECLIPTEK * Frequency Control Sourcebook for Crystals and Oscillators

This 133-page catalog features a user-friendly format that allows easy reference to critical items such as tape-and-reel, environmental, electromechanical and marking specifications. Several new and innovative product offerings, such as the new EV series surface-mount VCXOs are included.

Ecliptek Corp.,
Costa Mesa, CA (714) 433-1200.

Circle No. 319


MWJ11EDI * Product Catalog

This 148-page catalog contains complete specifications and engineering information on over 1000 rectifier bridges, diodes and high voltage assemlibes. A condensed reference to the company's line of surface-mount rectifiers, transistors, FETs, and switching, Schottky and zener diodes has been added.

Electronic Devices Inc. (EDI),
Yonkers, NY (914) 965-4400.

Circle No. 320


MWJ11LAMBDA * Product Catalog

This 136-page catalog contains several new features including new selector and application guides. The selector guide has been updated to reflect the company's product offering in both the AC and DC areas. The catalog has been streamlined to focus on new core products and updated to reflect product offerings in both the AC and DC markets. In addition, retired products are indexed with current and replacement models.

Lambda, San Diego, CA (800) 526-2324.

Circle No. 321


MWJ11MARKI * Mixer and Doubler Catalog

This 210-page catalog features the company's various doublers and mixers. Detailed product series descriptions are provided, as well as answers to FAQ's for both mixer and doubler selection. In addition, data sheet notes and a product selection guide are provided.

Marki Microwave,
Los Gatos, CA (408) 379-2200.

Circle No. 322


MWJ11MDL * Corporate Brochure

This six-page brochure details the company and its corporate philosophy, manufacturing capabilities as well as a variety of product offerings. In addition, the brochure describes the company's design capabilities, which includes the use of a 3D Solid Works model and Ansoft HFSS.

Microwave Development
Laboratories (MDL),
Needham Heights, MA (781) 292-6680.

Circle No. 323


MWJ11PTS * Synthesizer Catalog

This 43-page catalog describes the company's complete line of frequency synthesizers. It also describes the options and accessories available that can be combined in a virtually limitless manner to closely match any specifications at an affordable cost. Product photographs and a complete price list is included.

Programmed Test Sources Inc. (PTS), Littleton, MA (978) 486-3008.

Circle No. 331


MWJ11ROGERS * Specialty Materials Catalog

This 16-page catalog details the company's line of specialty materials such as urethane foams, electroluminescent lamps and inverters, induflex laminates, PORON silicone materials, R/flex flexible circuit materials, RT/duroid and TMM high frequency circuit materials, RO4000 and RO3000 high frequency circuit materials, elastomer components and composite materials. Applications, markets, material details and key properties are listed for each product.

Rogers Corp., Rogers, CT (800) 774-9605.

Circle No. 324


MWJ11SAWTEK * Cellular RF Duplexer Product Brochure

This three-page brochure details the world's smallest RF SAW duplexer. The duplexer features small size, light weight, AMPS/CDMA/ TDMA application and superior performance. Product photographs, descriptions, specifications, line drawings and performance graphs are included.

Sawtek Inc., Orlando, FL (407) 886-8860.

Circle No. 325


MWJ11STORM * RF/Microwave Products Catalog

This 72-page catalog details the RF and microwave product line including low loss flexible cable assemblies through 50 GHz, high stability flexible assemblies, VNA cable assemblies, quick-connecting test adapters, solid PTFE semi-rigid assemblies and RF coaxial cable assemblies. Product photographs, line drawings, tables, performance graphs and charts are all included.

Storm Products ­ Microwave,
Hinsdale, IL (630) 323-9121.

Circle No. 326


MWJ11TENSOLITE * High Performance Cable and Interconnect Systems Catalog

This 10-page catalog features the company's high density cable assemblies, RF/microwave assemblies and connectors, precision coaxial and multi-connector harnesses and assemblies, and high performance wire and cable. Product photographs, descriptions, applications and features are provided. A company description and overview is included as well.

Tensolite, a Carlisle company,
Andover, MA (800) 362-3539.

Circle No. 327


MWJ11THIN FILM * Coating and Substrate Patterning Brochure

This six-page brochure describes the company's manufacturing capabilities for a wide variety of industrial and aerospace coatings and substrates in prototype as well as production quantities. Typical applications would include metallized ceramic, metal, plastic and glass substrates, electrically conductive transparent coatings and microwave hybrid conductor/resistor circuits.

Thin Film Technology,
Buellton, CA (805) 688-4949.

Circle No. 328


MWJ11WEINSCHEL * Subsystem Brochure

This brochure outlines the company's new SmartStep™ technology and design capabilities, as well as the wide variety of SmartStep attenuation and interface products. Included in the brochure are standard subsystem designs and examples for: switch matrices; attenuation modules and multichannel subsystems; cable modem testing; cellular, wireless, PCS solutions; and customized mechanical packaging and modular design.

Weinschel Corp., an MCE company, Frederick, MD (301) 846-9222.

Circle No. 329


MWJ11WENZEL * Low Noise RF Modules

This 11-page catalog features Blue Tops™ RF modules, including amplifiers, frequency multipliers and frequency dividers. Product descriptions, photographs, features, line drawings, specifications and schematics are provided. An application note, "Low Phase Noise Systems-Hints and Tips," is also included.

Wenzel Associates Inc.,
Austin, TX (512) 450-1400.

Circle No. 330