* GaAs IC Switch

MWJ5216 The model AS196-307 GaAs IC high isolation, non-reflective switch with driver operates over the DC to 6 GHz band, and is ideal for GSM, DCS, and PCS basestation synthesizer switching with 55 to 60 dB isolation from 0.5 to 2.5 Hz. It is manufactured in a miniature exposed pad LPCC package, with single +3 or +5 V control with an integrated silicon driver. This simplifies the designers' PCB layout complexity by reducing the number of control lines. Size: 4 x 4 mm. Price: $3.54 (50,000).

Alpha Industries,
Woburn, MA (781) 935-5150.

Circle No. 216

* Reflective SP2T T/R Solid State Switch

MWJ5217 The model SWN-218-2DR-STANDARD high power, reflective SP2T T/R solid state switch works from DC to 2.5 GHz (usable to 4 GHz) with insertion loss of < 0.75 dB at 40 MHz to < 1.0 dB at 2.5 GHz. Isolation is > 50 dB at 40 MHz and > 20 dB at 2.5 GHz. Amplitude and phase balance are matched to within ±0.1 dB and ±1°, respectively, between port to port from 40 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Video transient is ¾ 66 mV peak to peak at 300 MHz bandwidth and 21 mV peak to peak at 20 MHz bandwidth. SWR is 1.5 (typ) and delay is < 40 ns ON and OFF. Supply voltage is ­5 V at 8 mA (other supply voltages available). Size: 1. 2" * 1.0" * 0.5". Weight: 1.5 oz.

American Microwave Corp.,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700.

Circle No. 217

* Power Divider

MWJ5218 The model 4A4305 four-way Xinger® power divider is designed for use in the 1.5 to 2.5 GHz bandwidth. It provides better performance and requires less real estate than the typical approach of using three discrete two-way power dividers. The 4A4305 provides an isolation of 15 dB (min) across the bandwidth and 20 dB between a narrowband of 1.8 to 2.0 GHz with a broadband insertion loss of 0.5 dB (max) and 0.4 dB (max) across the narrowband. In addition, it has a phase balance of ±4° and a return loss of 15 dB (min). The Xinger is equipped for signal distribution for DCS, PCS, 3G and W-LAN applications, and is manufactured using materials with x and y thermal expansion coefficients compatible with many common substrates. Size: 0.87" * 0.48" * 0.08".

Anaren Microwave Inc.,
E. Syracuse, NY (315) 432-8909.

Circle No. 218

* Thin Film Directional Couplers

MWJ5219 The CP0603 Series of 0603 size thin film directional couplers features typical coupling performance from 6.5 to 26.0 dB over a wide frequency range. The couplers are rugged surface mount devices that can deliver high frequency coupling performance from 500 MHz to 3 GHz and above, making them ideal for handheld communications applications. Other applications include satellite TV receivers, global positioning systems, vehicle location systems and wireless LANs. They are constructed using a thin film technology with nickel/solder terminations and are compatible with reflow, wave and vapor phase soldering techniques. Packaged on tape-and-reel, they are compatible with automated assembly equipment. Operating temperature range is ­40° to +85°C. Price: 26¢.

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 946-0414.

Circle No. 219

* Land Mobile Bandpass-notch Duplexer

The model 7DCR3E-815/860/32-L is a land mobile bandpass-notch duplexer with a TX notch filter isolated 30 dB from RX with only 1.8 dB signal loss. The receiver's bandpass filter provides 50 dB isolation with < 3.5 dB signal loss. Size: 15 * 24 * 4 mm.

ComNav Engineering Inc.,
Portland, ME (207) 797-4588.

Circle No. 220

* Broadband Capacitors

The Milli-Cap® and Opti-Cap™ ultra broadband DC blocking capacitors provide an effective broadband solution. The Milli-Cap acts as an "ideal capacitor," providing broadband width resonance free performance, with very low loss and ultra high series resonance. The characteristics are enabled by ultra low ESR and ESL; the series covers the bands applicable to digital radios, LMDS, SONET, filters and test equipment. The technology uses single layer capacitors in a surface-mount package that allows for coverage in frequencies of 20 MHz to 40 GHz depending on product selected. The Opti-Cap is an ultra broadband DC block. It features a 0502 footprint, high Q, low series inductance and combines it with high value capacitance for coverage from DC to light (30 kHz to 40 GHz).

Dielectric Laboratories Inc.,
a Dover Technologies Company, Cazenovia, NY (315) 655-8710.

Circle No. 221

* High Power SPDT Switch

MWJ5222 The model 406HJ-33032-1 high power, break-before-make SPDT pulse latching switch addresses insertion loss, weight and size limitation issues. It features a special input connector that can be mated directly with a 50 Ω glass feed thru, providing direct connection between the switch and the hermetically sealed filter assembly. By mating the switch directly to the filter assembly, RF parameters are improved over standard solution with connectorized devices. Designed for space applications, the SPDT switch exceeds the program requirements in all aspects. The specified bandwidth is specific for the initial applications, but the switch can be optimized for other frequency ranges. The switch operates in the 0. 240 to 0.320 GHz frequency range with 1.2 SWR and 0.10 dB (max) insertion loss. The isolation is 70 dB (min). Weight: 100 g.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.

Circle No. 222

* 90° Hybrid Coupler

MWJ5225 The model 1831 hybrid coupler yields exceptional amplitude and phase imbalance specifications and operates over the entire frequency band of 1.0 to 18.0 GHz. Coupling is 3 dB and amplitude imbalance is ±10° (max). Isolation is 17 dB (min), SWR is 1.35 (max) and insertion loss is 2.0 dB (max). Standard connector is SMA female (N female available upon request) and power rating is 20 W (average) and 3 kW (peak). Narrower frequency bands are available with improved specifications. These hybrids are typically used in circuits requiring a balanced division of power into two transmission lines with 90° separation of phase. Applications include signal splitters and combiners, balanced mixers, image-rejection mixers, phase shifters, diplexers, switches and antenna feed networks. Delivery: stock to three weeks.

Krytar, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 734-5999.

Circle No. 225

* Dual Band Power Divider/Combiners

MWJ5226 The V-Line Wilkinson power divider/combiners are designed to cover all wireless bands from cellular through PCS (0.800 to 2.000 GHz). The model 802-2-1.400 (two-way, SMA-female) is ideally suited for low cost, high performance applications and has typical insertion loss of 0.3 dB, SWR of 1.10 and 30 dB isolation. Size: 1.50" * 2.00" * 0.44". The model 803-2-1.400 (three-way, SMA-female) offers industry leading specifications such as typical insertion loss of 0.35 dB, SWR of 1.10 and 23 dB isolation at competitive pricing. Size: 2.00" * 2.00" * 0.44". The model 804-2-1.400 provides high value and outstanding specifications with typical insertion loss of 0.6 dB, SWR of 1.10 and 27 dB isolation. Size: 2.50" * 3.00" * 0.44". All models are equipped with stainless SMA or brass type-N connectors, gold-plated copper contact pins, virgin electrical grade Teflon insulation within the connectors and rugged aluminum housings for superior shielding of the divider circuitry. The units operate over the ­55° to +70°C and handle 10 W total RF power.

MECA Electronics Inc.,
Denville, NJ
(973) 625-0661.

Circle No. 226

* Microwave Cables

MWJ5227 The UTiFORM family of tin-dipped microwave cables is an alternative to semi-rigid and flexible cables. They have a higher temperature rating than semi-rigid cables and an equivalent bend radius and can be used in a variety of commercial and military applications. The cables accept standard semi-rigid connectors, can be cut and stripped with standard semi-rigid machines and require no tooling. The UTiFORM line has an impedance of 50 Ω over the DC to 95 GHz frequency range. Capacitance is either 27 or 29 pF/ft, depending on the cable, and signal delay is either 1.32 or 1.45 ns/ft. The cables are completely hand-formable and have a bend radius as tight as 0.1".

Pottstown, PA (800) 223-2629.

Circle No. 227

* Combline Duplexers

The model EWT-22-0001 miniature duplexer utilizes a single input/output design to minimize physical space requirements. It has a frequency range from 500 MHz to 26 GHz with 1.5 SWR. The duplexer operates over the ­55° to +85° temperature range with an average power of
10 W. The relative humidity is 95 percent.

Eastern Wireless TeleComm Inc., Salisbury, MD (410) 749-3800.

Circle No. 223

* Eight-bit 360° Phase Shifter/Frequency Translator

The model 7928 hermetically-sealed 0° to 360° PIN diode phase shifter covers the frequency range from 6 to 18 GHz. As a phase shifter, accuracy is better than 12°. As a frequency translator, carrier suppression exceeds 25 dB and sideband suppression 20 dB. Switching speed is < 500 ns. The unit is an integrated assembly of an RF vector and modulator and a driver circuit. Improved phase accuracy and PM/AM performance area achieved by using double-balanced bi-phase linear amplitude modulators.

General Microwave,
a Herley Industries Inc. company, Farmingdale, NY (631) 630-2000.

Circle No. 224

* VHF/UHF Mixers

MWJ5228 The model ADE-1 frequency mixers operate over the 0.5 to 500 MHz range and deliver 6 sigma performance reliability with failure rate < 3 units per million. Typically at midband, the unit exhibits 5.0 dB conversion loss, 55 dB L-R isolation and 15 dBm IP3 to reduce intermodulation. The low profile package stands only 0.155" (max) and a five-year Ultra-Rel® reliability guarantee is included. Price: $1.99 (10 to 99).

Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.

Circle No. 228

* Miniature High Performance Bulk Coaxial Cable

MWJ5229 The model SW060 double shielded 0.060" diameter, 50 Ω, flexible coaxial cable exhibits much better performance than standard single shielded RG178 cables. It is also ideal where good flexibility and good mechanical stability are required. The SW060 features attenuation of < 55 dB (typ) per 100 feet at 2 GHz and has a velocity of propagation of 74 percent and structural SWR of 1.15 (max) at 18 GHz with an upper cut-off frequency of 129 GHz. The inside minimum bend radius is 0. 275" and the operating temperature range is ­65° to +200°C. The standard outer jacket consists of extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene. The cable is available in bulk reels with custom lengths as required and can be custom jacketed and marked.

Semflex Inc., Mesa, AZ (800) 778-4401.

Circle No. 229

* GSM/SPRS Transceiver

MWJ5230 The Aero™ GSM transceiver chipset provides a complete RF front end for dual and triple band GSM digital cellular handsets. The highly integrated three-chip solution eliminates the IF SAW filter, external low noise amplifiers (LNA) for three bands, transmit and RF voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and more than 60 other discrete components found in conventional GSM handset designs. This level of integration is an enabling force in dramatically lowering the cost, simplifying the design and shrinking the form factor of the RF circuitry in GSM voice and data terminals. The transceiver provides a universal analog baseband interference that is software-programmable and allows handset designers to implement the Aero RF front end with any supplier's baseband system. Price: $8.62 (10,000).

Silicon Laboratories Inc.,
Austin, TX (877) 444-3032.

Circle No. 230

* Surface-mount Trimmers

MWJ5231 The model GKP6R066 SURFTRIM® surface-mount trimmer capacitors features an extremely thin profile and capacitance range of 2.5 to 6.0 pF with drift after setting of < ±1 percent. Q is 200 (min) at 1 MHz and the temperature coefficient of capacitance is NPS ±500 ppm/°C. The GKP6R066 operates over the ­25° to +85°C temperature range. Voltage rating is 25 V DC and dielectric withstanding voltage is 55 V DC. Insulation resistance is 104 MΩ (min). Tuning torque is 10 ­ 100 g-cm (0. 2 ­ 1.39 oz-in.). Carrier and reel packaging is standard. Size: 2.2 * 3.1 mm. Price: 55¢.

Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc., Westbury, NY (516) 334-8700.

Circle No. 231

* Surface-mount Chip Resistor Networks

MWJ5233 These resistor networks are designed for use in mission critical applications such as manned space flight, life support systems, human-implantable medical devices and prolonged periods in satellite communications. The networks are available in two JEDEC QPL style sizes. The networks are available with standard resistance values from 10 to 2.2 Ω and standard tolerances of 10, 5, 2 and 1 percent. Network termination consists of a high adhesion conductive base layer covered by a nickel barrier to prevent solder joint degradation. The outer finish is fused 60/40 tin/lead solder. The operating temperature for the resistors is ­55° to +125°C. Price: $3 each. Delivery: stock to 13 weeks.

State of the Art Inc., State College, PA (800) 458-3401.

Circle No. 233

* RF Coaxial Connector Clamp Attachment

MWJ5234 The SR-series strain relief clamp attachment fits onto the back of standard RF coaxial connectors and prevents damage to cables caused by repeated flexing. Featuring a rolling clamp nut that prevents distortion of the cable that can be caused by overtightening, the clamp will not alter the cable's electrical characteristics. The clamps are suitable for use for virtually any size cable equipped with RG214, RG393 or RG317 connectors. The SR-series is constructed from nickel- or silver-plated brass and is ideal for semiconductor and telecommunications applications. Price: $24.95.

Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878 or (978) 532-0775.

Circle No. 234

* Coaxial Test Cables

MWJ5235 TESTLINE 18 coaxial cables provide cost effective capability without compromising electrical performance characteristics or the rugged reliability needed for everyday use. They are available in SMA to SMA, SMA to type-N and type-N to type-N configurations. The cables can be ordered in 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 meter lengths. The TESTLINE 18 cables are an off-the-shelf product suitable for use in production lines and test labs. They also may be used in field/jobsite applications, cable upgrades or other permanent system applications requiring cost-effectiveness, long life and high performance. Suitable for operation up to 18 GHz, the cables use captive contact SMA or type-N connectors. A triple shielded, low loss cable is used and affords a SWR of 1.35 (max). Phase stability with flexure is rated at ±1.0°/GHz and the minimum bend radius is 1". Shielding effectiveness is > 100 dB and propagation velocity is rated at 76 percent C. The operating temperature is ­55° to +125°C and minimum flex life is rated at 100,000.

Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA (800) 522-6752.

Circle No. 235


* Optical Driver Amplifiers

MWJ5237 This solid-state optical driver amplifier is designed for use in OC-192 (10 gbps) fiber optic communications, as well as other high speed opto-applications up to 20 gbps. The amplifier provides gain of 18 dB and a power of +10 dBm (min) from 10 MHz to 15 GHz with a flatness of ±2.2 dB. To accommodate other optical modulation formats, custom integration of amplifier (both narrowband and wide bandwidths), mixer, phase shift and attenuator functions in subsystem modules for performance up to 40 GHz is offered.

CTT Wireless, Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-2999.

Circle No. 237

* Miniature W-CDMA Power Amplifier

MWJ5236 The model CMM3566-LC W-CDMA power amplifier is designed for wireless data transmission at 3.5 GHz. The linear power amplifier operates at 7 V with 30 dB gain at operating input and +24 dBm linear output power. The amplifier is packaged in a low cost and space-efficient LCC-8 plastic package that provides excellent electrical stability and low thermal resistance. The CMM3566-LC is intended for use in subscriber units and basestations that operate in the 2.45 to 2.50 GHz frequency range. Size: 4.0 * 4.0 * 1.8 mm. Price: $4.50.

Celeritek Inc., Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-5060.

Circle No. 236


* Interchangeable Prime Focus Antenna Feeds

MWJ5241 The 0025 series of broadband dual polarization feeds are pre-focused and aligned, and have common mounting interfaces. These quad-ridged/scalar antenna feeds operate over the 1.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. The feeds are designed for use in part of a transportable satellite tracking system. The polarization is orthogonal linear with 20 dB (min) isolation and 2.0 (max) SWR. The RF input is SMA female.

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc., Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.

Circle No. 241

* UMTS Basestation Antennas

MWJ5238 This fully efficient polar UMTS basestation antenna provides 16 dBi gain on both polarizations (±45°) and can therefore be used for most traditional macro sites as well as high density micro cells. The very slim sector antenna has such a small surface area that it can be installed alongside existing GSM antennas, even on the smallest masts, without significant effects on wind-loading. This eliminates the need for operators to go to the great expense of replacing existing GSM antennas with dual band units. Downward facing 716 connectors allow for easy access and installation while ensuring that low intermodulation products are maintained.

European Antennas Ltd.,
Newmarket, Suffolk, UK
+44 (0) 1638 731888.

Circle No. 238

* Low Cost Omnidirectional Antennas

MWJ5239 The model PAWOD24-9 omnidirectional antenna operates from 2400 to 2484 MHz and is designed for use in wireless communications basestation applications. Applications of the antenna include industrial, scientific and medical (ISM), point-to-multipoint communication and wireless broadband communications. It features 9 dBi antenna gain, 14° of vertical beamwidth, is 5/8" in diameter and 20" in length. The PAWOD24-9 is constructed of UV-stable fiberglass and includes 50 Ω passive feeds that come with industry-standard type-N female connectors. Additional specifications include input return loss of ­12 dB, operating temperature of ­40° to +60°C and rated wind velocity of 125 mph. Price: $150 (1 to 9).

Pacific Wireless,
Aptos, CA (831) 684-2474.

Circle No. 239

* 2.4­2.5 GHz Antennas

MWJ5240 These 2.4 to 2.5 input frequency antennas consist of a parabolic reflector and LANPoynt feed. The feed fits on a standard Ku-band offset parabolic dish, making it extremely cost-effective. The dishes are available in three configurations: 60, 90 or 100 cm. The gain of these antennas at 2.45 GHz is 20.5, 25 and 26 dBi, respectively. The SWR is < 1.5 over the band. The dish comes complete with mounting bracket and 50 Ω cable terminated in an N-type female connector. The antennas are easy to assemble and the ready-to-connect clamps and wing nuts can mount on pipes between 20 and 55 mm diameter or on a flat surface.

Poynting Innovations Ltd., Wits, South Africa +27 11 403 0380.

Circle No. 240


* SMT EMI Gaskets

MWJ5242x7.7 The GORE-SHIELD® SMT EMI gaskets can be used as a RF grounding pad or interconnect as well as in EMI shielding applications where the gaskets are placed along the ground trace on a PCB. AS a RF grounding pad or interconnect, the gaskets conduct currents of a primary RF signal much the same way a connector conducts RF currents from a PCB to a coaxial cable. Applications best suited for this use are found in situations where a RF signal needs to be sent from one PCB to another, and the two boards are sandwiched together. This occurs frequently in applications where wireless devices need to connect multiple boards or connect a patch antenna of a handheld wireless phone, or device to the PCB. In addition to conducting the RF currents, the gaskets provide shielding to protect against EMI emissions as compared to metal spring contacts. The parts are designed with surface-mount technology in mind, which allows them to be placed on a PCB in any configuration that will maximize the RF performance and minimize the cost.

W.L. Gore & Associates,
Newark, DE (800) 445-4673.

Circle No. 242

* Midspan Strip Tools

MWJ5243 The models GST-600A, 900A, 1200A and 1700A midspan strip tools are designed for use with LMR® feeder cables sizes 600 through 1700. They provide a quick and easy way to remove the outer polyethylene jacket on the cables to prep them for attaching the ground kits. Made from durable and lightweight machined aluminum stock with a hardened blade, each tool is perfectly sized to remove the jacket without damaging the underlying coax cable shield. The tools are compact making them ideal for working on closely-spaced feeder cable runs.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8424.

Circle No. 243


* High Performance SiGe IF Receiver/Demodulator

The model SRF-1016 silicon germaninum (SiGe) IF receiver/demodulator is ideally suited to 2G/3G wireless infrastructure and fixed wireless applications. It operates from 40 to 300 MHz, covering typical 2G/3G wireless intermediate frequencies and provides 40 dB of gain control, with low amplitude and phase error of the demodulated inputs (< 0.1 dB (typ), < 1°, respectively). Gain is digitally controlled in 20 dB steps using standard CMOS logic levels. The output 1 dB compression point is +5 dBm at all gain settings, and noise figure is 6 dB at the highest gain (+35 dB). The device is specified for use with a single 5 V power supply. The SRF-1016 is specifically designed to address the needs of wireless infrastructure original equipment manufacturers that are developing solutions for 2G, 3G and other advanced wireless applications.

Stanford Microdevices Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (408) 616-5464.

Circle No. 232


* Antenna Material

MWJ5244 The RO4332® antenna material is developed specifically for use in basestation applications. It offers physical properties that enhance circuit performance and simplify circuit assembly. The material also can be used in circuits for basestation antennas, as well as in PCS, GSM, LMDS and Bluetooth systems.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605.

Circle No. 244


* Autorouter Software

This new shape-based autorouter, CONNEX, is flexible and intuitive software featuring fully automatic multi-pass batch routing. Users will benefit from the autorouter's any-angle contour routing, as well as concurrent bus routing and footprint breakout patterns.

Intercept Technology Inc.,
Atlanta, GA (404) 352-0111.

Circle No. 245

* Radio Link Design Software

MWJ5246 HERALD Professional Edition, release 1.3, is a PC program developed to assist the radio engineer in designing point-to-point radio links and networks. It uses well-accepted protocols, with close adherence to guidelines and propagation models recommended by ITU-R. HERALD offers new features in interference evaluation, profile and reflection analysis, management of antenna and equipment libraries. The rain attenuation model is updated, according to the latest revision of ITU-R Rec. 530-8. In the interference search process, a search can now be initiated by a single command for all the significant interference elements throughout the entire network, as well as for the interference sources to a specific hop, or the interference produced by that hop. The search criteria are based on maximum distance and maximum frequency spacing between interference sources and potential victim receivers.

Radio Engineering Services, Torino, Italy +39 011 8194575.

Circle No. 246


* Versatile SMD TCXO

MWJ5247 The model CFPT-9050 temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) can achieve Stratum 3 stability even at 77.76 MHz output due to special circuitry within the Pluto IC, which allows either the crystal's fundamental frequency or its third overtone to be selected. It features stabilities well within the ±0.3 ppm between 0° and +70°C and can be specified for operating temperature ranges from ­40° to +85°C, at ±1.0 ppm stability, or ­55° to +105°C, at ±1.5 ppm. The TCXO can be disabled for high stability, set to around ±5 ppm for simple aging adjustment, specified to over ±32 ppm for Stratum 4 phase locked loop applications, or any option in between. Aging is a maximum of ±3 ppm over 10 years. Supply voltage can be specified between 2.5 and 67.0 V. HCMOS or sinewave outputs are available, as is a tristate option. Size: 14 * 9 mm.

C-MAC MicroTechnology, Essex, UK +44 (0) 1279 824200.

Circle No. 247

* 30-40 W Power Module

The QW030™ series DC/DC board mounted power module features superior electrical characteristics in a 40 percent smaller package than the industry average. Delivering up to 65 A output current, the 30 to 40 W power module offers high reliability, quality, power density and efficiency in an industry-standard pinout, quarter brick package. The metal-cased QW030 power modules offer improved performance in several key areas. The new design reduces total power loss, provides better thermal performance and improves EMI filtering. The module's efficiency has been rated as high as 86 percent depending on input voltage. It provides a reliable and cost-efficient solution for distributed power applications required in the optical and data networking, wireless, switching, access and transmission industries. Price: $43.50.

Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ (800) 526-7819,

Circle No. 249

* Low Cost VCXO

MWJ5248 The model VCXO-C3 voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) features an inexpensive metal DIP package and is ideal for telecommunications, telephony and datacom applications such as set top boxes. The excellent cost/ performance ratio of the new VCXO makes it ideal for use as a general purpose oscillator in a wide range of other applications requiring an inexpensive, tight stability, low power consumption VCXO. It features a standard stability of ±50 ppm over ­10° to +70°C. The pullability of the model is ±100 ppm (min) with a control voltage of 2.5 V ±2 V on pin 1. The oscillators are offered in frequencies from 1.000 to 30.000 MHz, including the popular 27.000 and 35.326 MHz versions. Price: $1.98 (10,000). Delivery: 10 weeks (ARO).

Fox Electronics, Fort Myers, FL (888) 348-2369.

Circle No. 248

* Surface-mount VCO

MWJ5250 The model SMV2330L surface-mount, low profile package voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is designed for demanding W-CDMA basestation systems. The compact packaged device has been specifically engineered to lend itself for quick integration into PLLs, and will generate frequencies between 2300 and 2360 MHz within a control voltage range of 0.5 to 2.5 V DC, with the error voltage being taken directly from the IC's charge pump circuitry. This device conserves energy by drawing only 8 mA of current from a 2.7 V DC supply while exhibiting spectral purity of ­88 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier. The SMV2330L is specified to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of ­30° to +85°C and provides the end user ­0. 25 ±3.75 dBm of output power into a 50 Ω load. Size: 0.30" * 0.30" * 0.08". Price: $15.95.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.

Circle No. 250


* Radio Link Modem

MWJ5251 The modem serves to secure full duplex transmissions of voice, data and commands over narrow band channels for V/UHF and HF/SSB. In addition it serves for precise network-wide synchronization for simulcast radio networks. Data transmission takes place over RS-232 and synchronous interfaces. Independently of these, remote control commands can be transmitted in both directions. Data and voice are ciphered using an extremely secure technique. Coding delay is minimal and voice intelligibility is excellent. The modem adjusts automatically to current channel conditions, and what ensues is adaptive line equalization and automatic link offset compensation. Beyond this, the transmission is secured with FEC and interleaving. The result is a very robust transmission even under extremely poor channel conditions and environments. An implementation for military applications is available, which allows secure data transmission over V/UHF an HF/SSB channels even when speeds exceed MACH-2.

Albrecht Elektronik,
Hunenberg, Switzerland +41 041/780 47 01.

Circle No. 251

* Radio Modem

MWJ5252 The model RF9600 radio modem is now available on the new MURS frequencies. These five VHF channels are available for use by almost any one and no license is required. The MURS radio modem is capable of 9600 band, has error correction, robust reliability and comes pre-programmed with all five frequencies. Each station may have its own ID code to ensure that it responds to commands. Units will work well with many commercial weather stations, as well as the less expensive home variety.

RF Neulink, San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728 or (858) 549-6340.

Circle No. 252


* Three-in-one Microwave Counter, Power Meter and DVM

The model 53140 series is a portable package that combines a microwave counter, power meter and DVM, the three most common measurement functions needed for microwave link installation and maintenance (I&M). This gives I&M engineers and technicians the convenience of using one box as opposed to three. The series' XW microwave counter offers three frequency ranges, up to 46 GHz. The rugged, field-ready true power meter provides laboratory measurement accuracy in the field. Power sensors ranging from ­70 to +44 dBm are available for measurement flexibility. A ±50 V DC DVM monitors the microwave receiver's AGC circuitry to assist in antenna alignment. The DVM can also be used to the ­48 V DC power supplies typically found at telecom sites. An optional internal battery and soft carrying case are also available to simplify field use. The series' multiple capabilities can also save expensive ATE rack space with its GPIB and RS-232 fully programmable I/O ports and an optional rack mounting kit. An optional oven timebase decreases the number of calibrations, reducing ATE downtime.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4844.

Circle No. 253

* Handheld Microwave Oven Leakage Meter

The model HI-1801 microwave oven leakage meter provides an easy and inexpensive means for public health agencies and service technicians to check microwave leakage. A durable, compact and portable instrument, the meter is not susceptible to damage caused by excessive fields. Frequency response is 2450 MHz, range is 0 to 10 mW/cm2 , accuracy is ±1 dB and response time is 2 to 3 seconds, and power density is 2 W/cm2 (max). Continuous probe length is 30 cm and the cable length is 0.9 m. Size: 6.8 * 10.5 * 5.6 cm.

Holaday Industries Inc., Eden Prairie, MN (952) 934-4920.

Circle No. 254

* Spectrum Analyzer

MWJ5255 The model 2399 portable spectrum analyzer is aimed at a wide range of applications including mobile communication service workshops, base-station installation, repair and maintenance plus broadcast TV, and education. It covers a frequency range from 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz and includes features designed to make it extremely user-friendly. New features include semi-automated measurement capabilities, a fast processor, large memory capacity and a color display. Semi-automated routines include measurements for adjacent channel power, channel power, occupied bandwidth and harmonic distortion. The 2399 offers users a large color TFT liquid crystal display (LCD) with a 640 * 480 pixel active display area that is clear, bright and sharp even in high ambient light conditions. The 50 Ω input can accept signals between +30 and ­110 dBm while providing protection up to 50 V DC. It also has noise characteristics specified at ­90 dBc/Hz at a 10 kHz offset. Weight: < 21 lb.

IFR Systems Inc., Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352 or (316) 522-4981.

Circle No. 255

* Programmable Laboratory Power Supply

MWJ5256 The NGM02 programmable laboratory power supply is designed to meet the special requirements encountered when testing mobile radios in development and production. It is equipped with two identical supply and measurement channels, and can not only power the telephone and charging circuits but also offers two equivalent measurement and supply channels for panel board tests. The maximum output voltage is 15 V/2.5 (5 A) per channel and settling time is < 50 µs. The unit is an ideal battery replacement in mobile-phone tests, is designed as a linear controller, featuring extremely low disturbance, making it also suitable for use with future UMTS products. A digital voltmeter, which can be used separately, as well as comprehensive internal and external trigger facilities plus adjustable bandwidth and source impedance, afford great ease of operation while ensuring reproducible conditions.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG,
Munich, Germany +49 89 4129-13779.

Circle No. 256


* Traveling-wave Tube

The model TH 3875 traveling-wave tube is designed specifically for millimetric-wave electronic conutermeasure systems. It provides the power needed for effective jamming over a very broad frequency band. It is the only tube on the market capable of delivering 80 W of continuous wave (CW) power from 18 to 40 GHz, meaning that systems now require fewer tubes for a given performance level. It is conduction cooled, which facilitates installation and also ensures excellent reliability and cost optimization.

Thales Electron Devices, Vélizy, Cedex, France +33 14 909 2828.

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