ETL Systems has acquired Atlantic Microwave Ltd., a leading provider of microwave components and SATCOM test equipment.

Based in Braintree, U.K., Atlantic Microwave distributes 14 different SATCOM product lines covering 10 MHz to 110 GHz, including test loop translators and satellite simulators. Atlantic employs over 15 staff, supporting design, manufacturing and test.

ETL Systems designs and manufactures RF distribution equipment, serving customers in 112 countries from manufacturing and R&D sites in the U.K. and offices in Washington, D.C. and Dubai. ETL's clients include CNN, BBC, Airbus, Thales, General Dynamics, ESPN, DirecTV, Associated Press, Inmarsat, BAE Systems and SES Astra.

Describing the rationale for the acquisition, Ian Hilditch, the CEO of ETL Systems, said, “Atlantic Microwave offers a wide range of complementary RF products and a different customer base. We will be able to use our experience as a global manufacturer to support Atlantic around the world. Atlantic is also very focused on customisation of its RF range and so it was a well aligned company to acquire.”

With a shared focus on custom design and customer service, the acquisition will enable Atlantic to expand its range of RF products. Atlantic’s clients will also benefit from ETL’s engineering expertise with RF, PCB and CAD design.

Geoff Burling, the CEO of Atlantic Microwave, said, “We are delighted to welcome the support of ETL Systems, especially as they have a similar reputation for specialist RF design. We look forward to continuing to grow our RF testing markets around the world.”