* Small Signal Microwave Amplifier Design

Theodore Grosch

Noble Publishing Corp.

262 pages; $69
ISBN: 1-884932-06-1

This book focuses on analytical methods of high frequency amplifier design by determining the characteristics of input and output networks and their subsequent synthesis. The emphasis is on narrowband, small-signal amplifiers at RF and microwave frequencies. Each section includes an example that demonstrates how to apply the technique discussed and additional problems are offered at the end of each chapter. MatLab and Genesys program listings are included. A separate Solutions manual (ISBN 1-884932-09-6) is available separately for $19.

The book begins by reviewing basic concepts of networks and common network parameters. Next, the electrical properties of transmission lines are described using the fundamental theory of propagation. The use of a Smith chart is demonstrated and S-parameters are introduced. Signal propagation, power flow and circuit response are derived using S-parameters.

Next, how to analyze high frequency circuits using S-parameters and the Smith chart is demonstrated. Mapping functions and signal flow graphs are introduced. Several impedance-matching design techniques are shown along with their applications.

The information contained in transistor data sheets is described and amplifiers are designed by determining the desired impedance or reflection coefficient of the transistor input and output circuits. Finally, noise and noise figure are discussed and the definitions are used to modify the amplifier design methods to use noise as well as gain as a design criterion. The impact of system noise on signal-to-noise ratio is described.

This book is an unusually clear tutorial on small-signal amplifier design that uses the latest circuit analysis and CAD tools in a step-by-step design approach. It is an excellent reference book for RF and microwave designers, as well as a good textbook for engineering students.

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(770) 908-2320.

* High-linearity RF Amplifier Design

Peter B. Kenington

Artech House Inc.

531 pages; $109, £75
ISBN: 1-58053-143-1

This book examines and compares all of the major RF power amplifier linearizaation techniques in detail. Descriptions are offered of amplifier distortion, RF power amplifier design, feedback linearization techniques, feedforward systems, predistortion, signal processing techniques and efficiency boosting.

The book begins by describing distortion and the requirements for linearity and various multicarrier applications. A discussion of distortion in amplifiers follows. Techniques for determining its level and the various forms of distortion are described.

RF power amplifier design is covered next. The various classes of power amplifiers are described and their properties discussed. Next, feedback linearization techniques are explained and many examples are shown. Feed-forward linearization configurations are covered, beginning with a brief history of the technique, and the characteristics and advantages of using this method are described. A similar description of predistortion follows and many techniques to accomplish this simplest of linearization schemes are presented.

Linearization schemes involving forms of signal processing are covered next, and their relative efficiencies and practicalities are described. The final section discusses efficiency boosting systems as a way of utilizing class A, AB or B amplifiers, as opposed to highly nonlinear power amplifiers, and thus simplifying the role of the linearizer. Examples of satellite systems and broadcast applications are discussed.

This book is packed with practical tips on achieving linear characteristics in RF power amplifiers. There are literally hundreds of illustrations that can help design engineers avoid costly mistakes in choosing and designing linearity systems. It is a comprehensive guide to linearity solutions for a wide range of applications.

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