GlobalFoundries’ 9HP, 90 nm SiGe process is now available for prototyping on the company’s 300 mm wafer fab (Fab 10) in East Fishkill, New York. Process qualification and design kits are planned for completion during the second quarter of 2019.

The 9HP process has been running on 200 mm wafers at the fab in Burlington, Vermont.

In a statement, GlobalFoundries said this move “signifies the strong growth in data center and high-speed wired/wireless applications that can leverage the scale advantages of a 300 mm manufacturing footprint.” It also reflects the company’s move to gain share in the growing optical networks, millimeter wave wireless communications and automotive radar markets.

“The increasing complexity and performance demands of high bandwidth communication systems have created the need for higher performance silicon solutions. GF’s 9HP is specifically designed to provide outstanding performance and in 300 mm manufacturing will support our client’s requirements for high-speed wired and wireless components that will shape future data communications.” Christine Dunbar, vice president of RF business unit

9HP combines low current and high frequency performance with improved HBT performance and up to a 35 percent increase in Fmax to 370 GHz compared to the prior SiGe processes, 8XP and 8HP.