Micro Harmonics has published a brochure describing the company’s millimeter wave isolator and circulator standard products (download here).

Micro Harmonics offers Faraday rotation isolators for applications from 60 to 325 GHz, in full waveguide bands from WR12 to WR3.4, and circulators for the WR15 through WR10 waveguide bands. Commercial applications include scientific instruments, plasma diagnostics, chemical spectroscopy, biomaterial analysis, point-to-point radio links, portal security systems and radio astronomy.

Micro Harmonics’ says its isolators have best-in-class insertion loss, isolation and power handling, and the company is committed to continually improving performance to meet customer needs.

The brochure includes technical articles on Micro Harmonics’ diamond heatsink technology, drop-in isolator technology and methods for minimizing insertion loss, as well as product specifications.

The company’s ferrite isolator and circulator products were developed with support from a NASA-funded SBIR program, and a new SBIR program is supporting the development of cryogenic versions of the company’s products.