Integra Technologies has released a new RF power amplifier module (pallet) designed to solve various size, weight, power and cost challenges (SWaP-C) in high performance L-Band avionics systems.

The IGNP1011L2400 is a high-power GaN on SiC RF power amplifier module that provides a minimum of 2200 W peak output power and 57 percent efficiency, with typically >16 dB gain, operating from a 50 V supply. It is matched to 50 Ω at input and output.

The IGNP1011L2400 was designed for identification friend or foe (IFF) and secondary surveillance radar (SSR) systems operating with either Mode S ELM (48x 32 μs on, 18 μs off, 6.4 percent long-term duty cycle) or standard Mode S (128 μs, 2 percent duty cycle) pulse conditions and is suitable for both the 1030 and 1090 MHz bands.