Ampleon announced a 750 W Gen9HV LDMOS power transistor designed for particle accelerator applications operating at 1.3 GHz. The BLF13H9L750P transistor delivers what is believed to be the highest efficiency available in its class — greater than 62 percent — and market-leading gain of 17 dB.

With such a high operating efficiency, the transistor enables significant power savings compared to other solid-state devices. When compared to older klystron and valve-based equipment, a solid-state approach requires considerably less maintenance, has a longer life and uses less physical space, further contributing to lower operating costs.

Constructed in a ceramic four-lead SOT539 format, the BLF13H9L750P is available both in a flanged bolt-down package (BLF13H9L750P) and a flanged earless package (BLF13H9LS750P).

Ampleon's Gen9HV 50 V LDMOS process was introduced during 2017 and yields transistors of high consistency ensuring customers can maintain high levels of reproducibility during production.