RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for high-performance, X-band front end modules. Designed for next-generation AESA radar applications, the Qorvo QPM2637 FEM incorporates a T/R switch, power amplifier, low noise amplifier and power limiter into a 6 x 6 mm package. Saturated output power from the transmit amplifier is 36 dBm with small signal gain of 32 dB. Noise figure, on the receive side, is 2.7 dB with small signal gain of 21 dB.

Built with field-proven GaN technology, the QPM2637 can withstand up to 4 W of input power on the receive side without permanent damage, compared with a typical GaAs LNA, which can be damaged by less than 100 mW. Operating in the 9 to 10.5 GHz range, this GaN FEM solves many challenges associated with AESA radar system designs, including greater power output, higher efficiency, reliability, power and survivability, as well as savings in size, weight and cost.