Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new diode for MRI applications from MACOM Technology Solutions Inc.

The MADP-009989 diode was designed to protect MRI receivers from high RF energy fields, including long RF pulses and RF spike pulses present in most MRI machines. This diode acts as a passive protector (limiter) for the MRI receiver. No forward bias voltage is required to turn-on the diode. It is self-biased by the RF transmitter pulse power. A switch driver is not needed for this receiver protection application.

The new diode is available in two package configurations for flexibility in design. It is ideally suited for MRI receiver protection and body coil isolation applications.

Additional key features of the MADP-009989 include:

  • Package configuration options: surface mount, axial lead
  • Passivated chip
  • Ultra-low magnetic construction
  • Non-cavity design
  • Thermally-matched configuration
  • Low capacitance at 0 V bias: 1.2 pF (typical)
  • Low conductance at 0 V bias: 40 µs (maximum)
  • Compatible with automatic insertion equipment