Centric RF
1.85 mm F/F 67 GHz Flanged Adapter

Centric RF announced a 4-hole flanged adapter covering the full IEEE P287 bandwidth of 0 to 67 GHz. The C8064 is a 1.85 mm female to female adapter with a 4-hole flange featuring a stainless steel body and BeCu female contacts. Maximum VSWR is 1.25 from 0 to 67 GHz. The 67 GHz performance allows usage in some of the new Wi-Fi bands which can extend to 66 GHz. Availability is from stock, pricing is $355 for 1-9.


Solid-State Amplifiers

Ceyear announced their new line of solid-state amplifiers. These are offered in banded solutions from 9 kHz to 110 GHz and power levels reaching as high as 200 W. These amplifiers are highly accurate using internal RF power monitoring and superior cooling. This new amplifier line offers top level quality at an affordable price to all RF designers. Prices start at $22,500.


Custom MMIC
GaAs Low Noise Amplifier

Custom MMIC now offers a new GaAs Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) MMIC with broadband noise figure performance previously only achievable with discrete FET designs. The CMD283C3, with 0.6 dB noise figure, is the first in a family of new ultra-low noise amplifiers. The CMD283C3 LNA covers 2 to 6 GHz with high midband gain of 27 dB and output P1dB of 16 dBm.


Exceed Microwave
Wideband Waveguide Diplexer

Exceed Microwave’s WC-Series waveguide diplexers can provide very wide passbands and also comes in small sizes. DPX-WC-22-28-34 is a WR34 diplexer cover-ing nearly the entire waveguide operating frequency band. Each channel bandwidth of DPX-WC-22-28-34 is roughly 20 percent while maintaining very good return loss at all ports. The size is only 1.5 in. × 1.8 in. × 0.9 in., which allows waveguide assemblies to be compact. WC-Series diplexers are available in different waveguide sizes. Exceed Microwave designs and manufactures high performance waveguide and coaxial filters.


Fairview Microwave Inc.
Gold-Plated 4-in-1 SOLT Calibration Kits

Fairview Microwave Inc. has launched a new line of 4-in-1 3.5 mm calibration kits for cable verification, antenna measurement and other field test and measurement applications. Fairview Microwave’s new line of integrated, short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration kits is made up of two models that have a 26.5 GHz calibration capability. They feature a compact, lightweight, 4-in-1 design package with gold-plated, 3.5 mm connectors and a convenient lanyard. Plus, they are available off-the-shelf with same-day shipping.


Battery Operated PIM Analyzer

The iPA Series passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer from Kaelus is the first battery powered PIM test analyzer versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower, rooftop and in-building for DAS systems. This IEC compliant 20 W, rugged, battery operated analyzer includes a tablet computer in a ruggedized case for remote control. This allows hands-free dynamic testing that is safe and convenient.


MCV Microwave
Ultra-Low PIM Cavity Filters and Multiplexers

MCV Microwave has developed a new line of ultra-low passive intermodulation (PIM) cavity filters and multiplexers covering the TETRA and all LTE frequency bands from 300 to 3600 MHz. The typical production PIM performance is ‐163 dBc, measured with two CW tones, each at 43 dBm. An even lower PIM filter line with a guaranteed ‐173 dBc is available for PIM test bench and more demanding testing applications.


MMIC Amplifier

Mini-Circuits’ PHA-23HLN+ ultra-high dynamic range MMIC amplifier sets the new industry standard for noise figure and IP3 in VHF/UHF communications. This model is well matched to 50 Ω from 30 MHz to 2 GHz and provides 1.4 dB noise figure, +44.4 dBm IP3, making it ideal for maximizing sensitivity and dynamic range in high performance receiver applications. It delivers 21 dB typical gain with ±1.8 dB flatness, +28.4 dBm output power at 1 dB compression. The amplifier is fabricated using E-PHEMT technology with excellent repeatability.