Maury Microwave has introduced its next generation of automated impedance tuner technology. The XT-series automated impedance tuners cover bands between 600 MHz and 26.5 GHz and have been designed to provide the highest tuning speed, accuracy and repeatability. The new tuners have been optimized for in-fixture and on-wafer applications and may be used in any automated or manual application requiring the ability to match the impedance of a microwave circuit element or to establish specific impedances at a terminal interface.

The design uses the slide screw concept with the inherently broadband slab-line transmission structure. Each unit has two non-contacting probes that deliver high VSWR with superb accuracy and reliability over a wide frequency range. These probes can be fully retracted, leaving a low-loss, well-matched transmission line, a significant benefit in power applications where two-port tuners capable of handling large amounts of power are required.

The XT-series tuners are PC-based, controlled using Maury's family of Device Characterization Software tools, including MT930 IVCAD, MT993 ATS and the DLL-based measurement automation environment.

Additional information regarding Maury’s XT-series automated impedance can be found at

“Customers have been asking for faster, more accurate and more repeatable tuners. Customers want to reduce bottlenecks and improve testing efficiencies, spend less time calibrating and validating their setups and spend more time measuring. As such, we are excited to introduce our XT-series automated impedance tuners, our fastest, most accurate and most repeatable tuners ever.” — Steve Dudkiewicz, VP of marketing and business development