Teledyne e2v is the first semiconductor manufacturer in Europe, and only third in the world, to be awarded the site level MIL-PRF-38535 Class Y certification from the DLA. Also known as QML Class Y, the certification is recognized as the highest guarantee of quality and reliability for ceramic, non-hermetically sealed Flip-Chip microcircuits for aerospace and defense applications. In addition to QML Class Y, Teledyne e2v has also been awarded QML Class V for its ceramic, hermetically sealed Flip-Chip microcircuits.

Teledyne e2v worked closely with the DLA and NASA to help shape the QML Class Y certification and now holds AS9100 and QML Classes Q, V and Y site certifications, making it one of the highest qualified manufacturers of advanced semiconductor solutions in the world.

Teledyne e2v is already certified to QML Classes Q and V for wire bonded devices; however the new certifications received from the DLA allows Teledyne e2v to guarantee solutions developed to serve the growing demand to use Flip-Chip packages in A&D applications. Noted as a landmark event in its long-term strategy to deliver the highest quality devices possible for its customers, the site level certification plays a vital role in its plans to qualify its latest space grade solutions to QML Class Y.

Laurent Monge, president of semiconductors and general manager of Teledyne e2v’s Grenoble site, commented, “Being awarded QML Class Y is a huge reward for the efforts and investment made by the entire team at our Grenoble site. It is a symbol of the standards we judge ourselves against when developing and packaging world leading digital and signal processing solutions.”

The QML Class Y certification arrives as Teledyne e2v announces the availability of its Industrialization and Manufacturing Services, offering world leading capabilities in semiconductor packaging solutions. Evelyne Tur, VP of operations and manufacturing services at Teledyne e2v, added, “The addition of QML certification for non-hermetically sealed solutions means we can now serve customers requiring any type of semiconductor space package, including Flip-Chip, Wire Bond, Ceramic and Plastic, hermetically or non-hermetically sealed.”