Fractus Antennas has launched a new service that provides a matching network design for a single antenna project in only 24 hours. Using the new NN Wireless Fast Track Service — free of charge for annual production of at least 50,000 units — any wireless user can get an antenna design ready and integrated into a device in the easiest and fastest way.

Fast and easy, the customer provides the NN engineering team with the project specs via a web form. Within one working day, the matching network design for a single antenna for a mobile or IoT device will be ready. The design will include an off-the-shelf, tiny Virtual Antenna™ component, specially selected for the application, and a customized matching network designed by the NN engineering team.

Designs requiring more than one antenna will require additional time. The service is not free for projects with volume below 50,000 units per year; however, the service can be provided for a fee. Additional conditions apply, which are identified on the web input form.

To get your design, complete the NN Wireless Fast Track input form, submit it and receive your design in 24 hours.

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