Broadband Channel

Broadband wired and wireless networks, including CATV, FTTx, optical, satellite and Wi-Fi.


ADI Releases Integrated Up/Down-Converters for 5G mmWave

Analog Devices has released a pair of highly integrated up- and down-converters operating from 24 to 44 GHz — covering all 5G millimeter wave bands. With flat 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth, the converters support all broadband services and ultra-wide bandwidth transceiver applications.

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Keysight Launches Dual-Channel, 44 GHz Signal Generators with 2 GHz Bandwidth

Two configurations: bench-top with touch screen and PXIe version

Keysight Technologies has launched the first single instrument, dual-channel microwave signal generators with 2 GHz modulation bandwidth and frequency coverage to 44 GHz. The VXG signal generator is available in two configurations: a bench-top unit with touch screen interface and a modular version in a PXIe form factor.

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