Mercury Systems Inc. announced it received a $16.1 million follow-on order from a leading defense prime contractor for integrated RF and digital subsystems for an advanced naval electronic support application. The order was booked late in the company’s fiscal 2018 third quarter. Eight million of the order has already been shipped in the company's fiscal 2018 fourth quarter, and the balance is expected to be shipped over the next several quarters.

The company offers a broad portfolio of microelectronics solutions for a wide variety of defense electronics applications addressing the analog, digital and mixed-signal domains. By adopting open architecture standards, including OpenVPX™ and OpenRFM™, Mercury provides an affordable, low-risk path for future capability enhancements addressing the threat environment of tomorrow.

“Receiving this follow-on order is proof of our commitment as a commercial supplier to deliver affordable, pre-integrated subsystems powering the most sophisticated electronic support applications,” said Didier Thibaud, Mercury’s executive vice president and COO. “As our adversaries attempt to exploit the electromagnetic spectrum against us, we must continue supporting our warfighters with agile, high performance capabilities required to advance our military interests around the globe.”