Filtronic has collaborated with Nokia to develop a massive MIMO antenna. This next-generation, dual-band, FDD, LTE antenna is designed to integrate Nokia AirScale radios in a 16 transmit, 16 receive (16T16R) configuration based on Filtronic's proprietary designs, which enabled rapid product development.

Massive MIMO incorporates beamforming techniques to increase spectral efficiency, which significantly increases the network capacity of both uplink and downlink. The efficiency gains from massive MIMO provide a compelling business case for mobile network operators, with massive MIMO expected to be a major step in the development of dense 5G networks.

Rob Smith, CEO of Filtronic, commented, “We are delighted Nokia has chosen to work with Filtronic on this prestigious development. Our ultra-wideband antenna and filter related IP are being used in this design and are a proven fit with the acclaimed Nokia AirScale radios.”