Anritsu Corporation announces that Huawei has endorsed Anritsu’s MT8870A high speed wireless test platform for its RF calibration and validation tests. The Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A provides support for the Hi2110 and Hi2115 NB-IoT chipsets designed for IoT use cases. Anritsu’s MT88xx series’ long-established connectivity and cellular test methodologies provide Huawei with improved product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

“Anritsu’s wireless test set offers IoT module and device vendors a comprehensive solution for the RF calibration and verification testing of embedded wireless technology,” said Hirokazu Hamada, president of Anritsu’s Measurement Business Group. “HiSilicon chipsets and automated test software, combined with MT8870A RF test solutions, will result in one of the industry’s shortest test times and provide an attractive total cost of ownership proposition to the highly competitive wireless IoT market.”

“Anritsu has established the ability to thoroughly calibrate and validate our chipsets in both R&D and manufacturing environments, meeting our requirements for accuracy and repeatability,” said Huawei, “Their equipment is already being successfully introduced by some of our leading customers to meet manufacturing requirement and availability expectations. The NB-IoT device RF Cal and testing in manufacture can be better ensured by involving the Anritsu MT8870A wireless tester.”