Test Equipment

n Noise Figure Analyzers

The NFA series dedicated noise figure analyzers offer an integrated, 17 cm color display with single- or split-screen view, limit lines for easy pass/fail testing, comprehensive marker functions, a real-time clock to time stamp data files and printouts, and an intuitive user interface for easy operation. The units are a family of one-box, dedicated noise figure analyzers designed to provide comprehensive characterization of any device under test at a reasonable cost. The analyzers offer a graphical display of noise figure or gain vs. frequency, easy measurement setup, built-in data storage and an easy way to download measurement reports or further processing. In addition, the units provide simultaneous noise figure and gain measurement, low instrument uncertainty, correction for measurement system noise, true single- and double-sideband measurement, the ability to characterize frequency-translating devices and flexible solutions above 2 GHz.

Agilent Technologies,

Englewood, CO (800) 452-4844.

Circle No. 422

n Digital Delay/Pulse Generator

The model 555 digital delay/pulse generator provides multichannel 1 ns resolution timing, delaying, gating, pulsing and syncing functions, and includes selectable TTL/CMOS or adjustable amplitudes up to 15 V into a high impedance. Available configurations are two, four or eight channels of output, with each channel providing both delays and width. The model 555 also offers a full numeric keyboard, spinner knob and four-line status display, making it a powerful yet user-friendly product. Price: starts at $1705. Delivery: 60 days (ARO).

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. (BNC),

San Rafael, CA (800) 234-7858

or (415) 453-9955.

Circle No. 435

n Stand-alone Cable Tester

The model 205 universal cable tester is a lightweight, portable, battery-AC-powered unit that can be used for testing any cable or harness. The stand-alone cable/harness tester can be used for testing any type of wired assembly with up to 128 points. A universal connector card is designed to accept up to 28 of the most commonly used cable connectors. The device detects opens, shorts and miswires in less than 50 ns. The user-configurable connector card allows the user to mix/match connector types and plugs into the tester with two 96-pin DIN connectors. An easy-to-follow menu displayed on the two-line ´ 26-character liquid crystal display (LCD) simplifies testing and operations. Battery backup memory permits up to 50 nonstandard cable/wiring configurations to be stored. Wiring messages are shown on the built-in LCD and can be sent to an external printer via a standard 25-pin parallel printer interface port. A test probe is provided for single wire identification or troubleshooting. Weighing 6 lb and measuring 13.8" ´ 9.0" ´ 2.1", the tester is equipped with a DC 12 to 14 V, 500 mA AC adapter, universal connector card and probe. Price: $895.

BK Precision Corp.,

Placentia, CA (714) 237-9220.

Circle No. 423

n Liquid Cell Dielectrometer

The model 3000T liquid cell dielectrometer is designed to perform measurements of dielec-

tric constant of coarse materials. The unit can be used in several applications, including evaluation of the dielectric constant and conductivity of soils in the design of ground-penetrating radar systems. Specifically, the unit is designed for granular and coarse materials that cannot be measured in smaller cells. It is used to measure wet soils, clays, contaminated oils and sludge, grains, foods and biological liquids. The dielectrometer operates from below 1 MHz to above 1 GHz. It measures dielectric constant (e), loss tangent (tand) and bulk conductivity (s) under the instrument control of the company’s MU-EPSLN software package for common Anritsu and Agilent analyzers. The unit is available with calibration standards, a vertical stand, a carrying case and an optional holder for m/e-type measurements of solid materials.

Damaskos Inc.,

Concordville, PA (610) 358-0200.

Circle No. 427

n Oscilloscope Calibration Workstation

The model 9550 Active Head oscilloscope calibration workstation provides a high precision 25 ps pulse to allow oscilloscope manufacturers and calibration service providers to calibrate the latest oscilloscopes. The company’s Active Head Technology” provides the technology platform to meet the calibration needs of existing and future generations of oscilloscopes. The unit generates a pulse with rise and fall times of 25 ps at the terminals of the unit under test, guaranteeing the integrity of the signal. The workstation is controlled by model 9500 oscilloscope calibrators. Price: $5995.

Wavetek Corp.,

San Diego, CA (619) 279-2200.

Circle No. 421

n Cable Network

and Interference Emulator

The model 8250 cable network and interference emulator emulates critical hybrid fiber/

coax (HFC) cable network impairments in a controllable laboratory instrument. The unit emulates both upstream (5 to 42 MHz) and downstream (50 to 860 MHz) HFC channel characteristics in a single integrated instrument. Impairments emulated by the emulator include amplitude tilt, intermodulation distortion, group delay distortion, noise and interference. The impairments can be emulated independently to isolate the effect of a particular impairment on a product’s performance or simultaneously to evaluate product performance in a real-world environment. A built-in diplex filter combines the upstream and downstream channels from the cable modem termination systems (or headend) into a single interface, allowing single or multiple subscriber devices (cable modems) to be tested. The company’s TASKIT/8250 series software provides a graphical user interface for controlling the emulator’s parameters.

Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. (TAS), Eatontown, NJ (732) 544-8700.

Circle No. 425

n 50 GHz Automated Tuner

The model MT984A broadband 50 GHz automated tuner is capable of presenting a high

mismatch (15:1) over a broad frequency range (8 to 50 MHz). Designed to operate with the MT980 series automated tuner systems, the unit is designed to perform measurements where a high mismatch is required. The tuner offers good repeatability of better than 40:1 (min) over the entire frequency and matching ranges, and is able to perform noise, power, intermodulation and adjacent-channel measurements used for device characterization and circuit design. This precision slide-screw tuner features the capability of fully retracting the pair of probes and linear drive (via precision anti-backlash mechanical assemblies) to achieve high resolution and good repeatability and resetability. Each end of the tuner is equipped with an optoelectronic limit switch to define the end stops for linear travel. The unit is supplied with precision 2.4 mm connectors to ensure an accurate, repeatable interface.

Maury Microwave Corp.,

Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715.

Circle No. 428

n Base Site Analyzer

The model 1900 base site analyzer meets TIA/EIA-136 specifications in the 400 to 800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. It provides full-service monitor functionality from 10 MHz to 2 GHz. The unit’s test capabilities include low level power measurements to Ð40 dBm (useable to Ð60 dBm), which allow the field engineer to test a base station without taking it off line. The analyzer derives its speed and power from a dual-digital signal processor design. Other features include full crossband duplex test and automated bit error rate test capabilities. The analyzer includes a full-function spectrum analyzer, duplex operation, line fault analysis, cable sweep and off-the-air monitoring of site operation. In addition to the TIA/EIA-136

testing capabilities, the analyzer also provides the required ability to fully

test AMPS base stations. Price: $43,995. Delivery: four to eight

weeks (ARO).

IFR Inc., Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352 or (316) 522-4981.

Circle No. 424