Processing Equipment

User-configurable Workstation
The WS4000 series user-configurable workstation is a highly integrated microwelding system that combines power supply, weld heads, motion control and parts handling into semi- and fully automated platforms. The unit provides manufacturers with a flexible, cost-effective standardized platform for implementing robust and highly repeatable application-specific welding processes without incurring the expense of developing full custom welding and motion systems. The workstation can be built around a variety of high frequency inverter, linear DC, AC or capacitive discharge power supplies connected to a head using parallel gap, series, step or opposed gap electrode configurations. Z-axis movement and force control is handled via precision pneumatic actuators, which are complemented by a wide range of stepper motor-driven X, Y and q motion-control capabilities. For demanding production-oriented applications, the workstation can be readily integrated as either an in-line process or stand-alone production cell and can reliably deliver sustained rates of up to 3600 welds per hour. All welding parameters, motion-control sequences and test functions are fully programmable using the workstation’s Windows NT®-based intuitive graphic user interface, which also supports full data logging and interface to production-wide statistical process control systems.
MicroJoin Inc., a subsidiary of Palomar Technologies Inc., Poway, CA (858) 877-2100.