AMC can make the impossible possible with our Chip and Wire and Flip Chip capabilities. We can also make your IMA smarter via the incorporation of FPGA technology and IC2/SPI control buss. The Integrated Microwave Assembly offers:

  • Smallest Possible Form Factor
  • Extremely robust construction for hostile environments
  • Improved Isolation, VSWR and Insertion Loss
  • Enhanced Product Integrity
  • Improved Unit-to-Unit Repeatability

A prime example of AMC’s capability is the chip and wire based 500 MHz to 26.5 GHz Down Converter shown below. The form factor for this module is 3.5’ x 5’x.25’.

AMC also offer one of the most extensive line of Pin Diode solid state switches ranging from SPST to SP124T 50 MHz to 40 MHz, a full line of PIN Diode attenuator with, voltage, digital and analog control and a comprehensive line of detector video logarithmic amplifiers & successive detector video logarithmic amplifiers offer 50 and 70 dB dynamic range with CW immunity,