Teledyne e2v completed the assembly of its first multi-chip module (MCM) on an organic substrate.

After successfully completing the QML-Y certification — the only manufacturer to have obtained this certification in Europe — Teledyne e2v is pursuing its roadmap to address high-end, high-reliability markets with state-of-the-art components. The module, using five dies assembled in flip-chip, is for an internal Teledyne customer.

Evelyne Tur, general manager of the Integrated Microelectronics Solutions business unit said, “We are very proud of this achievement, which is a great step forward in our roadmap to supply the space and aeronautics industry with leading-edge, high-reliability products using organic flip-chip assembly techniques. It shows our commitment to supply the European space industry with long-term solutions for high-end, demanding devices. These developments will serve both our external and internal customers and will help to strengthen our offering with more competitive solutions.”

Nicolas Chantier, marketing director for conversion products, added, “We are very happy to have the in-house capability to develop our future data conversion modules, based on our state-of-the art analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. We see a high demand in the future for this kind of products, whether this is for space, aerospace or defense.”