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Chip and Wire and Flip Chip Capabilities

February 1, 2018

AMC can make the impossible possible with our Chip and Wire and Flip Chip capabilities. We can also make your IMA smarter via the incorporation of FPGA technology and IC2/SPI control buss. The Integrated Microwave Assembly offers:

  • Smallest Possible Form Factor
  • Extremely robust construction for hostile environments
  • Improved Isolation, VSWR and Insertion Loss
  • Enhanced Product Integrity
  • Improved Unit-to-Unit Repeatability

A prime example of AMC’s capability is the chip and wire based 500 MHz to 26.5 GHz Down Converter shown below. The form factor for this module is 3.5’ x 5’x.25’.

AMC also offer one of the most extensive line of Pin Diode solid state switches ranging from SPST to SP124T 50 MHz to 40 MHz, a full line of PIN Diode attenuator with, voltage, digital and analog control and a comprehensive line of detector video logarithmic amplifiers & successive detector video logarithmic amplifiers offer 50 and 70 dB dynamic range with CW immunity,