Indra has implemented an innovative traffic monitoring system based on its Horus platform for the Kuwait Municipality to integrate different technologies for not only monitoring traffic in real time but also collecting, processing, analyzing and presenting the collected data graphically. This will thus contribute to improving management regarding mobility and traffic infrastructure planning in the city and throughout Kuwait, given the country's size.

As part of the project Indra has created a new traffic control center in the city that is equipped with the Horus smart traffic and tunnel management platform, a proprietary development considered to be the most advanced in its class for integrating and monitoring Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The platform combines and integrates real-time information from over 200 permanent traffic sensors deployed by Indra and 3,000 mobile sensors, which the company installed in different locations across the country.

Through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the platform displays all the traffic information gleaned and validated by the control center on an interactive map. This website is accessible to all citizens and can provide the different agencies responsible for mobility or other public entities with over 2,000 types of different traffic reports. This information enables improved decision-making and optimized route planning.

The platform also benefits driver safety, since Kuwait emergency and law enforcement services can use the available information to respond to incidents in a more operational and coordinated manner. Citizens can also access a website from their mobile devices where they can check the status of the traffic along the two main arteries to enter and exit downtown Kuwait City, and even view highly precise estimated travel times.

This project is the first part of an ambitious strategic plan drawn up by the Kuwait Municipality that contemplates future phases to expand the current network of sensors or implement additional technologies such as variable signaling panels, smart video-surveillance systems and other Intelligent Transportation Systems, constituting an exciting opportunity for Indra. The country also expects to invest over $100,000 million in its Infrastructure Development Plan, which entails projects for roads, ports, railroad running to other Persian Gulf countries, and the Kuwaiti metro transit system.

With this project, Kuwait joins London, Madrid, Dublin, Medellin, Curitiba, Manila and a list of over 100 more cities worldwide who have entrusted their urban mobility improvement to Indra solutions. When applied to traffic management and urban transportation, this technology enables safer, more efficient and sustainable mobility.