ProPlus Design Solutions Inc. and MPI Corp. announced a strategic partnership agreement and immediate availability of a characterization and modeling solution that integrates ProPlus’ SPICE modeling and noise characterization solution with MPI’s advanced probing technologies.

The integrated solution offers seamless support of the MPI probe stations to perform automated measurement of DC, CV and noise characteristics, enabling MPI users easy access to the most accurate ProPlus SPICE modeling and noise characterization offerings. The advanced probing technologies developed by MPI are optimized for the latest ProPlus 9812DX noise analyzer with improved grounding and shielding technologies critical to wafer-level noise characterization.

Under the partnership agreement, ProPlus users are able to integrate MPI’s advanced semi-automatic probe stations in their characterization and modeling flow for better noise measurement quality. The close collaboration also proved that probe card wafer-level noise characterization is possible using the 9812DX noise analyzer. Previously, these measurements were performed using manipulators and easily introducing RF interferences and oscillations. The advanced probe card technology specially developed for noise measurement provides better data quality and stability, as well as improves flexibility of wafer-level noise characterization for higher throughput.

“ProPlus Design Solutions continues to invest on improving the technologies that made wafer-level noise characterization possible 20 years ago,” remarks Dr. Zhihong Liu, chairman and chief executive officer of ProPlus Design Solutions. “We brought it to the next level with a specially designed probe card for a tightly integrated noise system thus delivering the fastest and most accurate noise characterization of the highest quality. We’re pleased to work with MPI on this effort.”

“The collaboration with ProPlus Design Solutions has enabled a seamlessly integrated wafer level low-frequency noise measurement capability with guaranteed system configuration and performance,” says Dr. Stojan Kanev, general manager of Advanced Semiconductor Test Division at MPI Corporation. “We now offer the most advanced high throughput noise characterization and modeling system. MPI’s exceptional shielding technology provides world class 1/f noise measurement capability. Customers may now rest assured these systems are validated to provide reliable and accurate noise measurement capability while enjoying a reduced cost of test.” 

Availability and Pricing

The integrated solution has been adopted by leading semiconductor companies. ProPlus and MPI Corporation will demonstrate the joint solution globally throughout 2018. Interested users can request a demo at either ProPlus lab in San Jose, Calif., or the MPI lab in Taiwan. Pricing is available upon request.