The latest version of the Modelithics Library for ANSYS HFSS has just been released. The COMPLETE+3D Library v17.3 for ANSYS HFSS has 40 new Microwave Global Models™ from 14 different vendors. This release also includes a sample set of Modelithics’ NEW full-wave 3D models for electromagnetic simulation.

The Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for ANSYS HFSS is now available, with many new scalable equivalent circuit models for popular commercially available capacitors, inductors and resistors. Forty new models in v17.3 include those for capacitor families from AVX, ATC, Johanson, KEMET, Presidio, Murata Integrated Passive Solutions (formerly IPDiA), Murata, Samsung, ST Microelectronics, TDK and Taiyo Yuden. New inductor models are available for components from Würth Elektronik, Coilcraft, Murata and TDK, and new resistor models are available for components from ATC and KOA.

Several new advanced pad features have also been incorporated into this release for the CLR library models with dynamic pads. The “Solder Mask” and “Solder Paste” parameters allow designers to specify these layers with the Modelithics model pads, which will then translate to the layout. These parameters do not affect the simulation. Two additional new model parameters, “Pad Angle” and “Pad In Model”, give more control and flexibility as to how the Modelithics model pads are connected to adjacent circuit elements. Pad Angle allows the connection pin of the model to be rotated to different pad edges, which changes the angle of the model component in the layout. Pad In Model provides options as to how much of the included pad is used in the simulation and also affects the pin location and how the model pads are connected to adjacent circuit elements. The Pad Angle and Pad In Model parameters do affect the simulation results according to their set values.

Another exciting new addition to the library with this release is the introduction of Modelithics’ NEW 3D Geometry models. The 3D models are based on the physical characteristics of each component and can be used in full wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation, including interaction and effects of parts in close proximity. The introductory 3D model demo library is included in the v17.3 release and adds 12 3D geometry models for: a Barry QFN package, Coilcraft inductors, a Johanson capacitor, a MiniCircuits filter and a Gigalane coax connector. The new 3D models enable full-wave simulations, while being encrypted to protect the sometimes competition-sensitive manufacturing details of Modelithics Vendor Partner’s components.

A trial of the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for ANSYS HFSS is available by request on the Modelithics website: