Can you give us some history on how Integra Technologies was formed and overview of your products?

Integra was launched in 1997 by a few entrepreneurial engineers who believed they could enable a new generation of radar applications with innovative high-performance power transistor solutions.  The first product we brought to market was the IB2729M170, an S-Band power transistor using new semiconductor material growth and processing techniques that we patented under the newly formed company.  The product caught the attention of a large OEM who closely collaborated with Integra engineers and designed it into their flagship commercial air traffic radar.  This radar system has been deployed in every airport in the US and England.  If you’ve traveled through an airport in the US or England, you’ve benefited from an Integra product.  We are still shipping this product in production today.                                  

Over the decades, Integra has remained focused on adding increased value to radar system designs, building deep domain knowledge at both the product and system level.  We have translated our experience into the industry’s broadest portfolio of high-power transistors for applications ranging from VHF up through X-Band.  Depending on specific system requirements, we design our semiconductor products utilizing GaN-on-SiC, Si-LDMOS, Si-VDMOS, and Si-Bipolar technologies to optimize performance.  Recognizing our customers' desire to improve their design cycle time, our portfolio also includes digital-aided RF pallet solutions that can help dramatically reduce time to market. Some revolutionary new transistor designs that solve some of our customers’ continuous challenges are planned for release very soon.

What geographical segments and applications do you mainly target in the market?

Since our formation in 1997, Integra has been a key supplier and partner to the world’s premier radar system OEMs across North America, Europe and Asia.  Integra’s broad portfolio of high power transistor and pallet solutions address applications in Aerospace and Defense Radar, Weather Radar, Air Traffic Control, Avionics (IFF, DME, TACAN), Data Links, Electronic Warfare, as well as applications in ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical).

Do you have plans for a change in strategy?

Historically Integra’s strategy has been focused on innovating reliable, high-performance RF power transistors and pallets.  We have been at the forefront, developing devices with the highest levels of output power and efficiencies for some of the world’s most advanced radar systems. 

We believe the need for increasingly disruptive and innovative transistor power solutions is growing steadily in our core radar market. We’re confident we are at the right place at the right time as other suppliers are consolidating through M&A, and/or shifting focus to more volume-driven, lower power requirements of commercial applications. We will continue to invest aggressively in research and development in creating the most efficient high power transistors the radar market can depend on for years to come.

Do you plan to offer for higher frequency products and increased integration?

We are expanding our portfolio strategy to include products for applications through X-band frequencies.  We have released 8 GaN-SiC transistor and pallet products this year for UHF Radar, L-band Radar, L-band Avionics (TACAN), S-band Radar and C-band Radar, including fully-matched-to-50-Ohms solutions.  These products range up through 1300 W, and allow system designers to optimize system performance. 

Additionally, we are developing solutions with higher levels of integration through our digitally-aided power pallets.  These pallets are designed to improve the customers’ system interface to the RF Power Amplifier (PA) sections. They will provide both digital control and monitoring interfaces, and will allow for easier system integration. 

Do you have plans to expand your facilities and fabrication capabilities?

It’s a very exciting time at Integra.   We are currently working on a contemporary, state-of-the art corporate headquarters building in El Segundo, CA that will house our complete engineering, manufacturing, and support teams.  We are also expanding our wafer fab to add Gallium Nitride capability. Integra’s new facility with expanded capabilities and expanding product portfolio will uniquely position us to address our customers’ needs as they look to upgrade their fielded radars or design modernized systems.

What are the core competencies that set you apart from other companies?

Integra is a high-power expert.  We have built this brand recognition over the last two decades supplying successfully and repeatedly to the world’s leading radar manufacturers.  Integra’s core competencies are rooted in high power semiconductor and pallet innovation, as well as our deep system-wide knowledge that we offer as value-add during component and subsystem evaluation and system design.  Our focus and industry experience not only sets Integra apart from other companies in terms of design, we are considered a high value partner in the microwave supply chain.  Another area of differentiation for Integra is our customer engagement model.  In addition to traditional standard catalog offerings, Integra also supports our customers’ requirements for custom tailored power transistor solutions.