EMITE has announced the first Virtual Drive Test Over The Air (VDT OTA) for 4G networks that can be made simply from a desk in a lab. The rapid upgrade and expansion of wireless networks has prompted an urgent need to perform realistic tests without the requirement to perform long costly drive testing over the live network. With VDT OTA, for the first time, a real drive test can be re-run in a repetitive manner, from a desk, and can also be re-run over different devices. A real, not realistic, comparison of device performance in the field can be performed, and everything can be run in a lab, from a desk.

EMITE’s multicavity mode‐stirred source‐stirred reverberation chamber solutions (MSRC) are claimed to provide for a variety of fading scenarios at a fraction of the cost of alternative anechoic chamber‐based test solutions. Along with conventional uniform, isotropic Rayleigh and more complex SCME‐based fading profiles for MIMO OTA testing, the EMITE solutions are the only ones also offering other standardized fading profiles using the patented Sample Selection® technique, as well as Wi-Fi MIMO OTA testing.

“VDT OTA is simply revolutionary. One of our carrier customers is using it to reduce the cost of drive tests, and the level of accuracy and repeatability of field‐reported values has been reported as astonishing. We really think that a new era for drive testing has started,” said David Sanchez‐Hernandez, CEO and co‐founder of EMITE.

The VDT‐OTA solution incorporates Spirent Communications’ channel emulator, which greatly simplifies testing for highly advanced configurations allowing easy scalability of frequencies up to 6 GHz and bandwidths up to 100 MHz for both Wi‐Fi and LTE testing.

“We are proud to once again partner with EMITE and provide a key component of their unique VDT OTA solution,” said Dave Garrison, senior director of product development for Spirent’s Connected Devices business. “Spirent helped to pioneer MIMO OTA testing and strives to remain on the forefront of over‐the‐air testing technologies. The new EMITE solution helps fulfil an important need for organizations looking to reduce costs without compromising the integrity of OTA testing techniques.”