Mobile filter start-up Resonant Inc. added the company’s eighth customer, signing a licensing agreement to develop filters for five cellular bands. According to George Holmes, CEO of Resonant, the customer is “an established and leading provider of power amplifiers with an extensive customer base in the Asian markets.”

The name of the company and terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Four of the filters will use wafer level packaging, the fifth chip scale packaging. Resonant will design the filters with their proprietary software and use non-captive SAW foundries for fabrication. Holmes said Resonant will work with a new SAW foundry on these designs, which will extend the number of their foundries.

Resonant is pioneering a fabless model that relies on differentiated design, making filter technology available to companies with no filter capability. Resonant’s revenue will reflect royalties from production filter shipments, and the company is targeting the high volume mobile phone filter market.

The development agreements that Resonant has announced all use SAW (surface acoustic wave) technology; however, the company has stated its intent to extend its capability to BAW (bulk acoustic wave) filters.