BAE Systems selected advanced electronic warfare (EW) transmitter technology from Harris Corporation to help protect the U.S. Air Force Special Operations' AC/MC-130J aircraft from electronic threats. Harris’ phased array antennas will provide the transmit capability for BAE’s EW countermeasures. The active, electronically scanned arrays provide fast, agile beam pointing and high reliability and use “next-generation” semiconductor technology, according to a press release issued by Harris.

The reference to next-generation semiconductor technology suggests the arrays use GaN power amplifiers.

Ed Zoiss, president of Harris Electronic Systems, said, “Aircraft like the AC/MC-130J fly at low altitude and spend extended periods in hostile territory, exposing special operators to a wide range of lethal threats. Harris phased array technology will ensure BAE’s electronic countermeasure systems have the directional transmitting power essential for protecting aircraft and crews and bringing them home safely.”

The contract was awarded during the fourth quarter of Harris' fiscal 2017.