The newly founded German sensor house HENSOLDT has taken over the Pforzheim-based company EuroAvionics GmbH, a supplier of avionics systems for helicopters and UAVs. Now that all the legal requirements have been met, the signed share purchase agreement has taken effect. HENSOLDT expects the takeover to give its existing avionics business a new boost as part of its growth strategy.

“The takeover of EuroAvionics is the perfect example of a strategic acquisition since both parties generate added value from our collaboration,” said Celia Pelaz, Head of Strategic Business Development. “We can now develop a comprehensive Avionics product line at HENSOLDT by combining the strengths of EuroAvionics in the civilian market and our own portfolio, which has primarily been geared towards the military up until now.”

In this way, HENSOLDT will improve its access to civilian helicopter manufacturers and fleet operators. At the same time, synergies are expected from a more efficient use of research and development funds to meet new customer requirements.

EuroAvionics Group generates revenues of approximately €20 million with around 100 employees. The company is particularly strong in the market for civil certified avionics equipment for helicopters with interfaces to avionics and sensor systems supplied by third-party providers. The company’s portfolio includes flight management systems as well as avionics computers and autopilot systems, particularly for UAVs. Apart from the headquarters in Pforzheim, Germany the company has subsidiaries in the U.K., the U.S. and Switzerland.