Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced that it has become an affiliate member of Mcity at the University of Michigan. Mcity is a public-private partnership led by the University of Michigan to advance connected and automated vehicles. Among Mcity’s key initiatives is operating the Mcity Test Facility, which is the first purpose-built proving ground for testing connected and automated vehicles and technologies in simulated urban and suburban driving environments. Analog Devices will use the facility to test and refine future products in its Drive360TM suite of technologies, including 28 nm CMOS RADAR, solid state LIDAR and high performance inertial measurement units for automated and autonomous driving applications.

By joining Mcity, ADI is committing to support the autonomous driving ecosystem as a premier semiconductor solutions provider and will use Mcity to understand market requirements through collaboration across the automotive design chain to bring connected and automated vehicle technologies to the commercial market.

ADI joins ranks with Mcity’s more than 65 industry members, which all play a role in creating a viable ecosystem to support connected and automated vehicles, including auto manufacturers and major parts suppliers, as well as vehicle communications, traffic infrastructure and insurance companies, among others.

“Organizations like Mcity provide an important stage for testing products in real-world scenarios and for gathering real-time feedback from our customers and other key players in the autonomous driving ecosystem,” said Chris Jacobs, vice president, Autonomous Transportation and Safety, Analog Devices. “Working with the initiative will help shape our product and technology strategy by creating an open line of communication with customers and other industry leaders. This powerful connection will allow us to directly identify and address the toughest challenges to enable autonomous transportation.”