Custom MMIC announces an expanded collaboration with X-Microwave LLC, developers of a modular/drop-in simulation, prototyping and production system for solderless and reconfigurable RF/microwave circuits up to 67 GHz. The X-MWblockTM system enables efficient and expedient microwave and mmWave circuit development and testing, using industry grade non-linear online simulation tools powered by Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys engine. The expanded partnership will bring over 35 of Custom MMIC’s leading LNAs, PAs, distributed amplifiers, driver amplifiers, low phase noise amplifiers, phase shifters, switches and mixers to the X-Microwave system. The companies have plans to add more of the 100-plus products available from Custom MMIC to the X-MWBlockTM system in the near future.

“We are excited to further expand our relationship with X-Microwave," says John Greichen, vice president sales and marketing for Custom MMIC, “Their X-MWsystemTM is a cost-effective, rapid prototyping system which saves our customers in development time and expense.”

The X-Microwave system leverages a unique grid-based modular architecture that facilitates drop-in component configuration of a complete RF, microwave or mmWave system. Initially, the X-parameter and S-parameter models of each X-MWblockTM can be assembled and analyzed in X-Microwave’s free online system simulation tool. Once desired performance is achieved, the necessary X-MWblockTM components can be purchased with a modular prototype platform. After testing and verification, these same components can be seamlessly integrated into a final production assembly housing. The X-MWsystem provides unprecedented ease of simulation, design, prototyping and integration of microwave and mmWave components, such as Custom MMIC’s wide range of high performance RF and microwave MMICs.

“We are excited to announce our extended collaboration with Custom MMIC to offer their broad range of RF and microwave products on our format," says John Richardson, founder and president of X-Microwave, “Custom MMIC products, such as their latest low phase noise packaged amplifiers to 22 GHz and in DIE form to 40 GHz, are filling industry gaps and are exciting additions to our portfolio of Drop-In Components.”

Custom MMIC’s innovative MMICs easily work within the X-Microwave modular platform, and provide distinct features that even further reduce system design time and complexity. For example, many of Custom MMIC’s GaAs LNAs, PAs, distributed amplifiers and driver amplifiers benefit from Custom MMIC’s design expertise with positive bias and positive gain slope features, which reduce the need for costly additional bias and gain conditioning circuitry. Furthermore, Custom MMIC’s leading ultra-low noise LNAs and low phase noise amplifiers (LPNA) offer critical performance requirements for next-generation Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, satellite and communications technologies.