Master Bond EP29LPHE is a two component epoxy system with a low mixed viscosity of 350 to 700 cps. This low shrinkage/low exotherm product is particularly well suited for large volume casting applications as well as bonding, coating and sealing.

 “What sets EP29LPHE apart from other epoxies is that while it cures relatively rigid, it has excellent toughness, provides a low moduls and high elongation, which allows it to withstand shock and impact,” said Rohit Ramnath, senior product engineer.

This compound features a Shore D hardness of 50-60 and a tensile elongation of 100-150% at room temperature.

As a two part system, EP29LPHE has a forgiving 100 to 80 mix ratio by weight and has an exceptionally long working life of 12-24 hours at room temperature for a 100 gram batch. It will cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. This system bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, glass, composites, rubbers and plastics, including fiber reinforced plastics and optical fibers.

EP29LPHE has superb optical clarity and light transmission properties. It resists exposure to chemicals including water, acids, bases, oils and fuels. Most notable is that it is a dependable electrical insulator with a volume resistivity of >1015 ohm-cm. Its temperature resistance is from -60°F to +250°F [-51°C to +121°C]. EP29LPHE is available for use in ½ pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

Master Bond Low Exotherm Adhesives

EP29LPHE is a low viscosity epoxy system that features a long working life, reliable electrical insulation and low exotherm suitable for large potting and encapsulation applications. Read more about Master Bond’s low exotherm adhesives at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:

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