Analog Devices, Inc. and Renesas Electronics Corp. announced they are collaborating on a system-level 77/79 GHz radar sensor demonstrator to improve advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. The new demonstrator combines the RH850/V1R-M microcontroller (MCU) from the Renesas autonomy platform and ADI’s Drive360 advanced 28 nm CMOS RF-to-bits technology.

The seamless system-level operation of these two technologies will make driving safer, by enabling earlier detection of smaller and faster moving objects at greater distances. It will also lower radar integration efforts and reduce evaluation risks for automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers.

“RADAR sensors play a crucial role for all ADAS or automated driving functions,” said Jean-Francois Chouteau, vice president of Renesas' Global ADAS Centre. “This cooperation ideally combines the best of ADI and Renesas assets to deliver performance and enable OEMs and Tier One suppliers to reduce development cost and time to market. We are delighted to join forces with ADI, whose 28 nm solution provides cutting-edge RF performance for target detection.”

“Analog Devices’ collaboration with Renesas will be a key enabler for the highest performance radar systems,” said Chris Jacobs, general manager for ADAS and automotive safety at Analog Devices. “This innovative system approach will significantly reduce risk by providing digital interoperability at the system level for our customers. The new RH850/V1R-M MCU, coupled with ADI’s high-performance Drive360 radar platform, will bring unparalleled performance to advanced ADAS and autonomous driving systems.”