At a seminar sponsored by Avantis in Oslo Internet service providers from across Europe were given an insight from Norway’s National Communications Authority on how to future-proof their wireless infrastructures within regulations to help deliver on the promise of superfast broadband.

The meeting attracted more than 70 attendees and provided an overview of key considerations when delivering connectivity over wireless networks, including the importance of regulations, use of different frequencies and licensed backhaul.

“Fiber provides fast connectivity, but is not cost-effective for many last-mile applications, and this is where a robust wireless network is absolutely vital,” said Dan McCarthy, Cambium Networks’ UK sales manager for the UK, Ireland and Nordics. “Of course, with end-users’ desire for speed and capacity continuing to grow, the quality of wireless experience and speeds must be on a par with those of fiber. The seminar aims to highlight to service providers the methodology and technologies required to achieve high performance. The good news is that this can be achieved without completely overhauling or replacing existing networks.”

As they aim to meet the increasing demand for connectivity, some wireless service providers cannot deliver the required throughput to end-users due to limitations of their existing 802.11n-based hardware. To overcome this challenge, Cambium Networks outlined how installing ePMP Elevate software enhances subscriber modules from other manufacturers and brings industry-leading performance and scalability to existing infrastructures without the time and cost of replacing network customer premise equipment (CPE).

“Many wireless broadband network operators started out years ago with small networks, but as demand for connectivity has grown, their existing networks cannot effectively scale. ePMP Elevate adds critical features to their 802.11n-based installed equipment and positions them for growth and increased customer satisfaction,” added McCarthy.