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Ardent Concepts Inc. is aiming to upend the status quo by introducing a solderless twist-to-lock compression-mount connector to replace cumbersome surface-mount connectors, such as SMAs, SMPs and GPPOs.

Unlike surface-mount connectors that require a receptacle on the PCB,  Ardent’s patented QUICKLINK™ connector combines connector and receptacle and mounts directly to the PCB. The twist-to-lock footprint design requires only two small thru-holes and a printed circuit board footprint. Footprints can be placed anywhere on the board, allowing easy access and rapid connection, with no threading or tools required.

QUICKLINK meets the bandwidth requirements of applications like PAM4 signaling and millimeter wave infrastructure, delivering superior signal integrity from DC to greater than 70 GHz. Insertion loss is 1.5 dB maximum through 40 GHz and 3 dB maximum through 70 GHz. Designed for 50 Ω, return loss is 18 dB or better through 70 GHz. Crosstalk and coupling interference is −70 dB maximum through 70 GHz. A solderless system, QUICKLINK avoids signal distortion and, if not properly connected, is designed to produce an open signal, eliminating the possibility of skewed results from a bad connection. Electrical repeatability is maintained over more than 1,000 mating cycles.

During product development, QUICKLINK’s unique design reduces wasted component costs associated with new board revisions, by eliminating soldered surface-mount connectors. In production, QUICKLINK reduces test and manufacturing time, allows for system signal “sniffing” and provides test points for troubleshooting.

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