Ardent Concepts Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance GHz connectors used in the development of semiconductor applications and systems, has expanded its TR Multicoax series with a 20 GHz version of its Multicoax product. As a cost reducing alternative to cumbersome surface mount connectors, TR 20 is a value connector that has exceptionally low loss.
TR 20 is the realization of the needs of engineers whose bandwidth may not exceed 20 GHz, but that require a reliable, high density, and low loss alternative to solder-down components like SMAs. Moreover, with the ability to re-use TR 20 Multicoax across programs, savings can be exponential compared to single use soldered surface mount components and connectors. The entire TR Multicoax Series family uses the same footprints across bandwidth versions, so as speed requirements grow, users don’t have to re-design their PCBs.
“Ardent recognized that not all applications require the bandwidths that our 40 and 70 GHz TR Multicoax configurations were designed to support. TR 20 addresses the signal integrity, density, and reliability challenges of legacy connectors like edge-launch SMAs,” said Ardent President and Chief Technology Officer, Gordon Vinther.
As a solderless compression mount solution, TR Multicoax offers repeatable connector performance in any application and across programs. A small footprint means engineers don’t have to be constrained by the size of their boards and aren’t limited in the channels they can access. TR Multicoax series provides engineers with industry leading performance and reliability in markets such as IC development, communications systems, or even quantum computing.
“We’re excited to offer Multicoax products that are compatible in meeting data rate requirements for customers while saving real estate and promising electrically exceptional measurements,” said Vinther.
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