Processing Equipment

Epoxy Cure Oven
The model 2100 epoxy cure oven for leadframes is fully equipped with four individually controlled temperature zones. The fully programmable oven is an integration companion piece that can be combined with any of the company’s epoxy die and wire bonders.
F&K Delvotec Inc.,
Foothill Ranch, CA
(949) 595-2200.

Semirigid Cable Bending Tools
These custom semirigid coaxial cable bending tools allow the cable to be bent rapidly by using low cost, hard stop templates to produce a perfectly dimensioned cable each time. The units are equipped with a scale to allow production of new prototype configurations. The cable is held in the indexing head, which governs the direction of the bend. A digital radial indicator allows for the proper angle of the bend and for any spring back compensation. Cable configurations with eight or less bends can be completed in less than 30 seconds.
Florida RS Technology,
Palm City, FL
(561) 221-8188.