MaxLinear is sampling a three-tuner satellite receiver for personal video recorder (PVR) set-top boxes (STB). The MxL532C integrates MaxLinear’s Full-Spectrum Capture™ satellite tuner technology, including three demodulators that are compliant with DVB-S, DVB-S2, DSS and DIRECTV advanced modulation and coding (AMC) specifications.

The chipset supports one or two wideband RF inputs and is able to tune to any transponder in the 250 to 2350 MHz frequency range. Up to three channels are demodulated and output over three serial transport stream (TS) interfaces, or the outputs can be multiplexed onto a single parallel TS interface. The MxL532C iinterfaces to any standards-compliant audio/video system-on-chip (SoC).

Power consumption is approximately 1.3 W in single input mode, which enables very small board designs without a noisy fan or an expensive heat sink. The MxL532C is packaged in a 10x10 QFN.

MaxLinear provides a reference platform including all hardware design files and software drivers to accelerate development and minimize time to market.

Engineering samples of the MxL532C are available now, and mass production shipments are planned during the fourth quarter of 2016.

“The proliferation of Wi-Fi-enabled video devices in the home is driving the demand for new PVRs and media servers,” said Will Torgerson, VP and GM of MaxLinear's broadband group.