SAF Tehnika has selected Sivers IMA’s V-Band converters to be an integrated part of the company’s upcoming products for test and measurement in the 60 GHz arena. This is the latest step taken by SAF Tehnika in broadening its cooperation with Sivers IMA, which in May 2016 saw SAF Tehnika launch a compact handheld spectrum analyzer based on the E-Band converter from Sivers IMA.

Commenting on the latest collaboration Robert Ekström, CEO of Sivers IMA, said, “This is yet further proof of our capabilities and the good quality and performance of our products. We are pleased with the expansion of our cooperation with SAF Tehnika and we are proud to support them in another successful product release.”

“The proven performance and functionality of the Sivers IMA converters, made it easy to prolong our partnership and we look forward to continue bringing successful products to the market with Sivers IMA millimeter wave technology,” said Normund Bergs, CEO of SAF Tehnika.