Mission Microwave Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of compact, highly efficient solid state power amplifiers and block up-converters, announced  that they have been selected through the U.S. Air Force SBIR Program for a Phase II contract to develop highly efficient and linear highpower Ka-Band solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs). The award is under SBIR program topic (AF151-150) for “Ka-Band Efficient, Linear Power Amplifiers for SATCOM Ground Terminals,” and aims to deliver greater than 70 W of linear RF power over 30 to 31 GHz, with efficiencies in excess of 35 percent.

“At Mission Microwave Technologies, we have created industry-leading BUCs and SSPAs using novel power combining technologies and system designs,” said Francis Auricchio, President and CEO of Mission Microwave. “In Phase I of this SBIR program we demonstrated the potential to meet aggressive program goals, targeting >35 percent SSPA system efficiency at linear operation, by combining multiple innovations in SSPA design, utilizing advanced GaN semiconductor technology, and end-to-end system architecture optimization. In this Phase II program, Mission Microwave will manufacture and deliver the SSPA concept module designed in Phase I, providing over 70W linear power at Ka-Band in a compact 5” x 5” x 5’’ form factor and weighing less than 6 lbs. This record-breaking SSPA will extend the competitiveness of Solid State Power Amplifiers into power levels previously only achievable using TWT Amplifiers and will be ideal for use in comms-on-the-move and comms-on-the-pause applications.”

Mission Microwave’s X-, Ku-, and Ka-Band BUC products provide high reliability even in the most demanding applications and extreme environments. Mission’s products are all market leaders in their respective frequency and power levels. Mission Microwave’s Stinger, Javelin, and Titan products offer multiple interface options, including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and wireless Bluetooth, complete with a simple-to-use app interface for iOS.

About Mission Microwave Technologies Mission Microwave Technologies demonstrates revolutionary design for RF and microwave electronics, supporting ground-based, airborne, and space-based applications. Utilizing the latest in semiconductor technology, Mission Microwave's focus is to optimize the size, weight, and power (SWaP) for these critical applications, while providing its customers with the best possible reliability. Mission Microwave sets the "new standard" for performance and reliability. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.missionmicrowave.com.