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Recognizing that product development is much more than schematic capture and board layout, Mentor Graphics has extended its PADS printed circuit board (PCB) design capabilities by adding Hyper-Lynx® DC Drop and FloTHERM® XT tools to their PADS® PCB software, creating a comprehensive product development platform.

HyperLynx DC Drop enables designers to optimize the power distribution network on the PCB. The software can quickly analyze voltage drops caused by insufficient copper across power supply rails and identify layout areas that contain excessive current density. The HyperLynx DC Drop tool identifies problem areas in the design which would be difficult to find in the lab on a prototype, providing solutions in an easy-to-use environment.  Results can be validated in layout to ensure that appropriate guidelines were followed, reducing prototype spins.

FloTHERM XT is a thermal simulation tool that considers all thermal aspects of the design: package, PCB layout, board structure and enclosure. As circuitry becomes faster, smaller and more densely packed, designers need to analyze thermal performance to ensure product reliability; physical testing is not always possible due to time and cost. FloTHERM XT interfaces with all major MCAD vendors and is compatible with all vendor-neutral file formats. The tool can be used as early as placement to identify the thermal effects of the entire system. Using the SmartParts™ feature, designers can build simple models in minutes, apply complex mechanical parts directly from MCAD, create custom CAD geometry and import detailed electronic assemblies from EDA tools.

The PADS HyperLynx DC Drop tool starts at $4,995, and the PADS FloTHERM XT tool starts at $12,500.

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