e2v and Glory MV Electronics have signed a distributor agreement to provide e2v thyratrons to science institutes and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of industrial non-destructive testing and irradiation equipment in China.

e2v has over 50 years of robust research, development and production experience in the delivery of long-life, high-reliability thyratrons to customers in a range of demanding military, scientific and medical markets. The capabilities of e2v thyratrons make them the ideal switch for pulsing high peak power microwave sources such as magnetrons and klystrons, and for kicker magnet switch circuits for high energy physics applications.

The company’s world class engineering heritage, and extensive testing facilities and test programmes, guarantee the strictest control over its design, materials and manufacturing processes to deliver high quality products for applications that range from radar transmitters and high energy lasers to linear accelerators.

Ewan Livingstone, President of RF Power at e2v, said, “We are pleased to partner with Glory MV Electronics to offer our expertise in the field of hydrogen thyratron manufacture to a growing customer base in China. We strive to continually develop thyratron technology and circuit techniques that will ensure that the best possible technical solution is available to our customers’ exacting requirements globally.”

Glory MV Electronics is the Chinese industry leader in specialist high voltage, power and performance system solutions. The company’s General Manager and Founder, Gong Long said, “e2v’s unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of high-reliability thryatrons complements our capabilities to deliver our customers the best value in high quality, high power and performance system solutions.”