To further strengthen its position in the IoT connectivity world, 7layers has achieved status as the first, independent 3rd party test lab to be authorized to test and certify according to the LoRa® certification program.

Ubiquitous connectivity is the basis of the Internet of Things. To make this vision come true, new, innovative technology approaches for all kind of applications are needed. Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWA) technologies, such as the LoRA technology, complement existing cellular mobile network and short range technologies, improving power consumption characteristics and lowering costs.

A wide range of players and alternative technologies are already engaged in the LPWA space. Machina Research forecasts 3.6 billion LPWA connections in 2024, growing from today`s numbers in the low 10s of millions. This extremely rapid growth rate is driven by a wide range of applications and a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The LPWA market will contribute significantly to the IoT world and it is expected that it will exceed the number of cellular connections by far.

7layers has been engaged with the main new drivers in this technology area, such as the LoRa Alliance, for quite some time. Initially the company was approved as a LoRa Alliance contributor member. The LoRa Alliance`s mission is to define a global standard for LPWA networks being deployed around the world to enable IoT, M2M and industrial or consumer applications. The LoRa ecosystem consists of devices, modules, sensors, base stations/gateways, network servers and system integration. More than 150 companies have already started to develop products supporting LoRa and the number is growing fast.

“We are proud to announce that we have now become the first, independent 3rd party authorized LoRa Alliance test laboratory. This means 7layers can test and certify devices according to the LoRa certified program, which means to ensure interoperability and compliance of LoRa connected devices”, explained Thomas Jaeger, 7layers Group Director Business Development. “LoRa end-device manufacturers benefit from our years of experience with a large variety of communications technologies of which the long range but cost and power saving LoRa technology is highly promising.”

7layers’ 3rd party laboratories are independent, as they do not develop their own wireless connected devices or services but offer an impartial portfolio for LoRa device manufacturers and providers of Smart Services encompassing: consulting and engineering support, wireless communications test and certification services, LoRa certification and dedicated support for IoT developments.