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High-speed data acquisition in today’s global mobile communication networks demands high efficiency of the network infrastructure. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in a network can cause serious interference and significantly degrade the network quality and impact KPI figures. The cause of PIM is very complex and uncertain. It can result from low-grade transmission line components or loose connectors, dirty surfaces, magnetic materials or the surrounding environment.

Rosenberger produces a wide range of PIM analyzers, including rack types and desktop models but it is the portable PIM analyzer sector where the company is having a significant impact with the introduction of the PIM Site Analyzer α.

This new CPRI and RF PIM multifunctional instrument is claimed to be the first analyzer for mobile network infrastructure with copper or fiber interface and exchangeable filter units. This portable equipment is ultra-broadband and presents various options for test and measurement functionality: CPRI PIM, RF PIM, RF return loss/VSWR, isolation and the most accurate distance to fault on the market.


The site analyzer’s plug-and-play modular and broadband design from 698 to 2700 MHz with exchangeable band filter units ensures high flexibility and is future-proof, catering for all existing and upcoming bands.

Portable, with a rugged design and sunlight readable 12 inch touch screen the PIM Site Analyzer αoffers a continuous wave signal (no pulse), antenna isolation measurement, DTF measurement (VSWR versus distance, PIM versus distance) and VSWR/return loss measurement. It provides increased safety and simplified handling in the workplace and a cancellation function shows potential improvement of PIM values.

The standard 698 to 2700 MHz PIM Site Analyzer αbroadband base unit comes complete with a Tablet for recording and processing results, a power unit and a filter unit (e.g. 900 MHz). Optional accessories include a battery unit, CPRI software option (HW ready) and a carry bag.

Fridolfing, Germany