A leader in remote radio head connectivity solutions for macro cells, HUBER+SUHNER, is debuting its Quick-Fit plus connector system, claimed to be a ground-breaking connector system for ½” corrugated cables used in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), at SCWS World 2016 in London.

Due to its one-piece compact design, the new Quick-Fit plus connector system eliminates loose parts such as O-rings and washers. This allows an extremely easy and fast assembly process and removes the need for additional steps such as application of grease on seals. The cable entry design allows the connectors to be mounted using a standard wrench, eliminating the need for expensive tools or calibrated torque wrenches.

“We developed the Quick-Fit plus system to provide an all-in-one solution that requires minimal connector installation time and few assembly steps,” said Jürg Nussbaumer, Product Manager for the new system. “It is a unique, all-in-one tool that requires minimal connector installation time and can be used in both manual and automatic operation.”

HUBER+SUHNER is also showcasing its range of innovative installation solutions for Small Cell wireless infrastructure at the show. The company has developed a product portfolio that specifically addresses the needs of indoor and outdoor Small Cell deployments, comprising an entire family of robust and easy-to-install fiber optic cable systems, supporting the build-up of daisy chains in various environments like football stadiums, bus stations, hospitals and university campuses.

The RF products on display include HUBER+SUHNER’s SENCITY antennas for DAS applications, including the SENCITY Rondo and SENCITY Cube MIMO.

“The shielding effect of a building’s structure can have a detrimental impact on radio signals and is often the reason behind insufficient service quality,” said Fabio Mangione, Application Engineer, HUBER+SUHNER. “The SENCITY Rondo antenna responds exactly to the highest standards of the crucial Passive Intermodulation (PIM) characteristics for DAS and in-building coverage (IBC) systems, and is meeting the ever-increasing market demands for indoor coverage of mobile voice and data traffic required to cover an even wider range of applications and services.”

The SENCITY Cube MIMO – a rectangular shaped antenna following the same concept as the Rondo – is the corresponding antenna for directional radiation, ideal to cover corridors or rooms where the energy is needed in certain areas. The focus on the electrical performance has resulted in a very stable passive intermodulation (PIM) design, an optimal directional diagram and high gain.

“Viable business models and easy-to-install modular solutions are needed to secure the fast and reliable deployment of Small Cell networks,” said Drew Martin, Market Manager for Small Cells. “HUBER+SUHNER has used its extensive expertise and trusted technology to specifically address these needs and we are delighted to exhibit our products at this year’s SCWS World.”