Skyworks Solutions Inc., an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors connecting people, places and things, expanded its world-class mobile connectivity product portfolio with the addition of several new wireless networking solutions. Skyworks’ newest modules leverage innovative and proprietary design techniques to extend the range of connected devices and improve overall system performance – in a much smaller footprint when compared to alternative options available in the market today. According to Cisco VNI Mobile, smartphones and phablets are expected to comprise nearly 50 percent of all global devices by 2020, with more than half of all traffic from these platforms being offloaded to fixed networks by Wi-Fi. As a result, OEMs are seeking high performance solutions that can manage this amount of data and deliver a seamless consumer experience.

“Skyworks’ next generation Wi-Fi front-end modules provide a highly integrated, turnkey solution for smartphones and Internet of Things applications,” said Bill Vaillancourt, vice president and general manager of Mobile Connectivity for Skyworks. “Given our systems expertise, we simplify increasingly complex front-end requirements for our customers and, in turn, enable unprecedented connectivity with gains in speed and range.”

About Skyworks Wi-Fi Front-end Solutions
The SKY85312-11 and SKY85720-11 contain integrated power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers, enhancing transmit power and improving system-on-a-chip receiver sensitivity, respectively. Integrated switches and power detectors also eliminate the need for external components and enable power setting without external couplers.

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