Resonant Inc. (RESN), a designer of filters for radio frequency, or RF, front-ends that specializes in delivering designs for difficult bands and complex requirements, announced it signed its first licensing agreement with an existing customer. This license agreement follows the development engagement that was outlined in the memorandum of understanding signed with this customer in February 2016.

"Securing our first licensing agreement is the next major milestone resulting from years of development of our Infinite Synthesized Network®, or ISN®, tools and technology. This license agreement encompasses two high-volume Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW, duplexer designs for filters traditionally fabricated as Bulk Acoustic Wave, or BAW duplexers. As we advance this project to meet the customer's aggressive schedule, we look forward to further validating our ability to achieve complex and competitive RF front-end filters that we believe can be developed in less than half the time and manufactured at approximately half the unit cost of traditional designs," said Terry Lingren, CEO and co-founder of Resonant Inc.

"Our continued expansion of design capabilities for these difficult bands has enabled us to develop low cost non-temperature compensated SAW duplexers that we believe will deliver comparable performance to the more expensive BAW and FBAR duplexers. We also believe these design tools can address the increasing complexity required by carrier aggregation. This trend, along with the industry-wide constraint on design capacity, are significant drivers of our growing opportunities," concluded Lingren.

Design acceptance payments and royalty terms have been agreed upon, but will not be disclosed due to the confidential nature of such agreements. The customer, or licensee, is targeting new OEM handsets for these filters. While not guaranteed, there is a potential that one if not both of these products could start to produce revenues before the end of 2016.